Docking Golden Eagles

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11th November 2020 - Golden Eagles remembered the fallen men of Docking in a service at the church. Painted poppy stones were placed on the war memorial and on grave stones of men from WWII.

5th November - Bonfire lunch on the field around the fire pit. Yummy toasted marshmallows!

Huge thanks to Mr. Chamberlain and the kitchen staff for the help and support.

Excellent Design Technology projects creating aerodynamic cars

Latest news – 2.11.20

Welcome back to school.

In these unprecedented times, our aim is to keep school life as close to normal as possible whilst keeping to government guidance. We will continue to wash hands and sanitise surfaces as often as possible, and continue to work within our ‘bubble’. All children have login details for the Golden Eagles Google classrooms, where work will be posted daily in the event of any school closure due to the Covid-19 situation.

Please remember to get your autumnal photos into school as soon as possible – winners to be announced at the end of this week.

Our topic for this half term is geography based, looking at Docking and the local region. We will be studying maps, looking at the physical and human geographical features of East Anglia and finding out about Docking in the past.

In literacy we will be writing non-fiction texts: biographies and persuasive letters. Spelling investigations are vital to increase vocabulary knowledge – all children have a reading journal to investigate and make notes of new words or phrases and their definitions.

‘States of Matter’ is our science topic looking at solids, liquids and gasses, and reversible and irreversible changes.

World and Religious Views will focus on the question – How have Christians changed the world? – this will link to our biographical writing in literacy. Towards the end of term, we will focus on how artists can help us to understand Christmas.

P.E. will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons: please ensure your child has their kit in school on these days.

To support maths knowledge, please see the key instant recall facts for year 5 and 6 in the maths Google classrooms and take a look at which has activities and games to revise and embed crucial mathematic facts. All children should be revising their times tables knowledge – both multiplication and division facts.

We will be celebrating and recognising the following events this term:

Remembrance Day on 11.11.20

Children in Need on 13.11.20

Anti-Bullying week on 16.11.20 by wearing odd socks

Christmas Jumper Day on 11.12.20

Panto on 17.12.20

We are celebrating the fantastic autumnal colours and harvests of half term by running a photographic competition for the best and most interesting pictures taken by the children.

Any photo of an autumnal theme is acceptable, with one entry per child.

A winner will be selected from each class.

If needed we can print the photo in school.

Winners will be announced on the first Friday back after the holiday. Winning entries will be on display in school and will receive a certificate.

Happy half term snapping.

Autumn term 2020

We will have to work hard to catch up in reading, writing and maths after such a long break away from the classroom, but with a positive attitude, an exciting curriculum and great enthusiasm, I have no doubt we can work together to achieve great outcomes.

'Vehicles' is our topic, from Stevenson’s Rocket to the latest Formula 1 cars. This will link to our science topic of forces and design technology, where the children will become engineers to design and make their own model cars.

We will use the 9 ideas of writing to create amazing sentences and be super sleuth detectives when we read. Vocabulary and meaning will be at the heart of our learning.

For maths at upper key stage 2 it is vital your child knows all of the times-tables to 12, including the related facts, for example:

3 x 4 = 12

4 x 3 = 12

12 ¸ 3 = 4

12 ¸ 4 = 3

30 x 4 = 120

40 x 3 = 120

30 x 40 = 1200

Please practice regularly at home.

Read, read, read: the more you do, the more you learn.

Our class read this term is a Si-fi adventure story by SF Said.

P.E. will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons: please ensure your child has their kit in school on these days.

We have new laptops to enhance the computing curriculum, and a specialist music teacher to introduce wind instruments to the children.

Why do Christians worship Jesus Christ? is our topic question for R.E. and in PSHEC we will work on the topic of ‘Our Class’ - working together and getting on.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Riley

September 2020

We have been busy throughout the summer, preparing for the return of all pupils. Every measure has been taken to ensure the children remain safe in school and guidance is in place for them to follow, so that everyone can stay safe whilst learning. It is okay to feel a little worried and nervous having been away for so long but we will talk and discuss through all of the new routines around school.

We will enter the playground between 8.45 – 8.55 by the side gate. Remember to social distance if you stand and wait, there are markings on the floor as a guide. Please do not park on the yellow zig-zags and be aware that the mini-buses use this gate too. Mrs Smith will be on the playground to welcome the children in. The bell will ring at 8.55, when the children will line up in year groups allowing for social distancing. Golden Eagles have their own playground area around the MUGA.

Golden Eagles will enter and exit via the back door, leave their bags, packed-lunches and coats in the cloakroom and wash hands before sitting down in the classroom. Wherever possible washing hands with soap and water is preferable but santiser is also available.

At the end of the day, Mrs Smith will send out the children when she can see a parent waiting for them. Many year 6 children chose to walk home alone from school: if this is something you would like your child to do, please send an email to the school office as confirmation.

Some Answers about Coming Back to School:

Assemblies: We won't be having whole school assemblies at the moment, but we will still be collecting team points and giving out class certificates as normal.

Hand sanitiser and hand-washing: Everything needed is in the classroom or where we are working. We will be washing our hands regularly as a preference to hand sanitiser, but we might do both. You do not need to bring your own hand sanitiser, because we want to keep home things and school things separate.

Sitting in class: The classroom has been rearranged, with all seats facing forwards and resources reorganised. Movement around the room will be limited with children working in pairs rather than groups, when the need arises.

Lunch: We are eating in the hall. There are some changes about where we queue and sit, but nothing to worry about. Golden Eagles will go into the hall at 12:05, spaced out after the Nightingales, and will go out to play on our own playground area. Please send lunch money into school with your child in a named, sealed envelope. Payments should be made in advance (i.e. for the week) or on the day.

Pencil cases: You don't need these, so please don't bring them. I know that doesn't sound much fun, but we want to keep school things in school and home things at home. Each child has their own equipment and pencil case made-up for them to use.

PE - This will be on Mondays and Tuesdays with Mrs Bower. Please bring your kit in on the first day of school – you’ll need it.

Playtimes: We are separate from the rest of the school. Our playground is the area around the MUGA. No-one else will be using that area of the playground and we will have our own equipment that only we use.

Reading books: Reading is important. It is expected that the children will read regularly at home. They are welcome to use a book from home or one from the classroom. Any books borrowed and then returned will need to be quarantined for 72 hours before being used by other children.

Team points: We will appoint year 6 captains and collect team points as normal. The only difference is that there won't be an assembly on a Friday, but the scores will still be displayed in the hall so you can check them during PE or lunchtimes.

Toilets: We will be using the toilets in the hall. The children will be shown the route to take and given time to adjust to this new location. No one else will use those toilets.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!


Good morning on the last Monday of the summer term.

A Year 5 revision pack is posted in the Project Google classroom. Complete as much as possible before breaking up on Tuesday.

Over the long summer break remember to keep practising the times tables, both multiplication and division.

It is essential that you continue to read as often as possible; search for any words you do not understand, finding out what they mean and how they fit into the text.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Riley wish you all a sunny summer holiday.

Stay safe.

Year 6s had a fabulous afternoon making dens on the Field of Dreams. Click on the image to watch a video of them in action.

Den building June 2020.mp4

Latest News- Monday 8th June

Good morning Golden Eagles.

There is the usual work for maths and literacy posted in the classrooms, as well as spellings to investigate.

There are 'challenge extra' postings for those of you requiring some other activities to keep you busy.

Our history topic for this half term is the Ancient Egyptians. Please look in the topic Google Classroom to find details of this week's activities- where in the world is Egypt and research into the River Nile.

Have a look at some more daily lessons using BBC Bitesize -


Golden Eagles Newsletter - Summer Term 2

We hope you had an excellent half term holiday and enjoyed the lovely weather whilst staying safe.

As school begins to open, we prepare for a very different way of working and ensuring that school follows the guidance issued by Government. Mrs. Riley and I will be working with the class to ensure that all children feel safe in this new environment.

The year 6 children will enter and leave school by the side gate (normally used by the minibus). To reduce risks, we are limiting all visitors to the school, so parents will not be allowed entry through this gate; Mrs. Nudds will be contactable in the office through email or phone. The Golden Eagles will have their own playground area, their own entrance to the building via the back door and use of the toilets in the hall. Their contact with all other children in the school is to be as minimal as possible. They will eat lunch at their table in the classroom, or weather permitting, outside.

The classroom has been reorganised, cleaned and all measures to allow for social distancing have been taken. The year 6 children will each have a table to themselves; personal equipment and writing books will be their responsibility with time allowed for cleaning and wiping down. Please limit what your child brings in from home, there will be no cloakroom facilities and all coats, lunch boxes and bags are to remain with the children at their table. We will of course encourage hand washing at all parts of the day.

I will endeavour to post work in the Google classrooms, however, as I am now back in school, checking emails may be delayed. I will reply, check and edit work for those children who remain at home. In addition, there will be paper packs of transition work for year 6 left for collection in the school porch from Wednesday 3rd June.

Please discuss these new arrangements with your child before they return on Wednesday 3rd June; my aim is to ease worry and provide you with a clearer picture of the situation and the measures we are taking to keep everyone as safe as possible. We have currently planned provision based on 3 children, as this was the number who requested to return on Wednesday 3rd June. If your child is in year 6 and you change your decision, either to return to school or remain learning at home, please let the school office know.

It is vitally important that you do not just turn up on the day as safe provision will not have been made for your child.

If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you when the time is right.

Mrs Smith and Mrs Riley

The Golden Eagles classroom looks very different now.

Please remember if you are returning to school, to bring sun hats, sun screen and water bottles.

Summer Term - week 5 - 18.5.20

Good morning Golden Eagles.

Some staff have returned to work in school this morning.

Sentences stacking sessions and maths are posted in the classrooms, as well as spelling to investigate.

Look at the maths challenge extra and the BBC Bitesize web pages for more activities.

Remember to READ, READ, READ and READ

Summer Term - week 4 - 11.5.20

Good morning Golden Eagles.

There is the usual work for maths and literacy posted in the classrooms, as well as spellings to investigate.

There will also be some 'challenge extra' postings for those of you requiring some other activities to keep you busy

Have a look at some more daily lessons using BBC Bitesize -


A sporting challenge for this week.

Below is the link to a virtual challenge for the school games, Athletics!

Link to Athletics video

Summer Term - week 3 - 4.5.20

Golden Eagles - you are working so well at home. Keep going.

There are daily maths and sentence writing lessons in the classrooms with links to the activities, as well as spelling lists from which you can investigate the words and write sentences.

In the Golden Eagles projects classroom - yqfw6wi - there is a project researching VE Day, which is on Friday 8th May. Find out as much as you can about this important date in history.


Summer Term - week 2 27.4.20

Well done to everyone who is putting huge efforts into their home learning. Well done to you all.

There are daily maths and sentence writing lessons in the classrooms with links to the activities.

Remember to read - to keep fit and active - and you could do some drawing too.

Summer term - week 1 -20.4.20

Welcome back to the summer term 🌞

Hoping you all had a fabulous Easter break within these lockdown circumstances.

Each week there will be maths topics posted in the year 5 and year 6 classrooms.

TThere are daily writing challenges with Jane Considine's - Super Sentence Stacking - all information in the Golden Eagles classroom code hol3aev

Continue with daily practice of touch typing and P.E. with Joe

BBC bitesize also have many different activities for you to try

Please email me if you are having any difficulties getting into any of the activities or online.

Also let me know if you need paper copies of any work and I will put them in a box in the school porch for you to collect.

Remember to read and have fun playing games .


Happy Easter - this is officially the last day of term (and also April Fools Day).

There is no set work over the Easter holiday, however, continue to complete activities in the TTS booklet, read as often as you can and continue to practice touch typing.

Keep up the exercises with Joe.

Try some art and craft activities: - these are fabulous to make

or for Easter -


Well done to everyone who has sent me work so far.

Further ideas for you look at:

For those of you who are practicing loads on your touch typing - try a different site for practice and advice.

Just click on 'get started' and work your way through the lessons.


Good morning.

Golden Eagles have maths and literacy work posted in the classroom. Check emails for the code to enter the classrooms.

  • add art work to your daily activities with



School Closures

As the school is closed from Monday 23rd March, your child has been issued with a home learning pack. All children have a St. Mary Federation email address that they can access the site from including obtaining work through Google Classroom.

Unfortunately, I will not now be in school as usual but will be available via email during normal school hours. As such, any questions should be sent via email. Please refer to this blog page for any work that your child has been set. This will be updated on a regular basis during the school closure.

Happy Mother's Day!

Designed by TF.

Spring 2 - 2020

Reading and Time Tables practice

Please encourage your child to read as often as possible at home. This still needs to be part of a regular habit, choosing texts which advance vocabulary knowledge is essential.

The importance of times tables knowledge cannot be overstated. Practice at home needs to be regular but fun.

Timetables can be practised using for which all children have a log in details.

All Golden Eagles have log in details for the Maths Prodigy website

Geography Topic- Britain Today

Science Topic - Earth, Moon and Sun

The children produced some fantastic space projects over the half-term holiday!

Brush Monsters made during science week.

Wind turbines made during science week.

Golden Eagles were fortunate enough to be visited by Mr Bazeley-Smith where they studied David Hockney and produced their own inspired canvas, 'Road from Docking to Bircham'.

The children went on to produce their own individual interpretations of the work.