We can't deny it, it's no use pretending we are now in full  Christmas flow! 


Christmas isn't quite the same and we haven't been able to throw our doors open to you but we are still getting ready and preparing for the festivities. Decorations are up in the class and yesterday 7.12.20 we welcomed Peter Cook from the church into the class and we created some amazing Christingles. Peter taught us all about Christingle and how the Oranges, sweets, sticks and ribbon all have special meanings. A fabulous afternoon. 

UPDATE - Christmas cards need to be in school by the end of this week. Mrs Nudds will quarantine them, sort them and send out to classes - UPDATE

Have fun this week sharing rhymes with your child at home. 

Parents Evening - Not quite as they were but over the next couple of weeks we are really looking forward to catching up with you about your childs progress. 

November NEWSLETTER - Our second newsletter has been sent home this week. If you didn't receive a copy please ask one of the Curlews staff at the beginning or end of the day as we have a few spares! 

Tapestry Reply Slips - Please return these ASAP

PERMISSION SLIPS - We still have a few parents that have not returned the general permission slips for the school.  These include photo permission which we need before adding any pictures of children to newsletters or here on this blog. 


The children are all settling well into the new school day. It is great to see them skip through the gate in the morning and we would like to thank you for being so supportive of the new 'regime'. On arrival the children wash their hands and then have a variety of activities inside the classroom to settle them.  Each day a child is chosen as the special helper (star of the day).  The first job is to ring the bell for tidy up time! Children then tidy and assemble on the carpet for the register and we decide the all important choice of what to have for lunch! It really helps if you are able to discuss this with your child in the morning or the night before to help them make the decision. Our morning is then made up of short teaching sessions and free flow exploring time where the children can access the outside area, creative room and main classroom. 


This year we are moving to an online learning journal for the children. This is a great way for us to assess the children and look at their journey through EYFS and works as an excellent communication between school and home. You will need to sign, date and return the permission slip attached to the letter that came home last week for us to activate your account. You will then be able to see what we are up to and easily share experiences from home. 

September is a fabulous month with lots of changes all around. Remember to talk to your child whenever you are out and about and discuss the changes that you can see. 

Curlews staff are available to chat to in the morning and the afternoon on the gate. If you would like a more confidential chat please call the school office and we will arrange a telephone call to discuss any concerns or worries. 

Things are different but we are all the same! Over the summer we have waved goodbye to Mrs Haverty, she will be greatly missed but has gone to spend more time with her grandchildren and on her many hobbies! You will notice that Mrs Wines is now working in Mondays and Tuesdays with Mrs Copper now working 3 days (Weds- Fri). We have worked hard to make our environment as safe as we can whilst keeping a balance of resources and activities to keep everyone busy. We have hand gel in both classrooms and have increased the handwashing for the children throughout the day. You will realise that social distancing in the early years would be very difficult and we would not want to create an uncomfortable environment for your child. As such we are relying on YOU to keep us safe. If your child or anyone in your household shows any symptoms of coronavirus please keep them at home, inform the school immediately  and isolate until your child has had a negative covid test result. If you have any questions or concerns we are available morning and afternoon on the gate or contact  Mrs Nudds in the school office. 

Covid-19 quick reference

Curlews is a mixed class of Nursery children and reception. We love being together and have the use of two classrooms joined by an outside area. We have three staff in the mornings and two in the afternoon. 

Meet the Curlews team 

Mrs Cooper (Weds - Fri)

Mrs Laing (Mon-Fri)

Mrs Wines (Mon & Tues) 

Miss Wright (Mon-Thurs am)

Latest News

We continue to work hard on our outside area and welcome donations of natural found resources such as shells, pine cones and large stones for painting. 

AUGUST 2020 We have been busy preparing for our new term many changes have occurred around the school and a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have been in over the summer to help us prepare for the new term ahead. 


Could we please ask that you put your childs name in everything and check it regularly. It saves lots of time and we are always happy to reunite uniform with the correct owner! Any uniform that your child has grown out of we are happy to take as spare or pass on to another child in the class. 

Continued Part School Closure - Stay Home - Save Lives - Keep Safe 

Welcome to the Curlews Blog. We will continue to add  things of interest and ideas to support you at home with your child. We are here and we can help! We have set up a shared email address. Mrs Cooper and Mrs Wines will be on hand to answer your queries as quickly as we can.  


The school has a few more children in at the moment but we haven't forgotten all the amazing work you are still doing at home. As well as the weekly menu of activities we are here to support you in any way we can. Call the school office, drop us an email or contact us through the Facebook page and we will be more than happy to help in any way we can. We are sending certificates home for children who are working well at home so remember to upload any work to us so we can see what you are all up to.  The Curlews Team

Resilience - something we all need a little more of. 

Photographic competition.docx

*Competition Time!*

Here are a few places where your child can access games and resources suitable to support learning. Try to avoid too much screen time but there is a wealth of resources out there! 

CRAFT PACKS - Available for pick up, thanks for all those that have been collected. If you need anything else do get in touch

We hope you are managing the home learning and welcome any suggestions. 

Home Learning

You are all doing a marvellous job! Juggling working from home, teaching your child, running a home and keeping sane is a tough ask. Please remember to take time for yourself. If it all gets a bit much go for a walk and take 5! We are all in this together and happy to support wherever we can. 


If you would like to exchange your child's reading books, please leave at the front of the school on the table under the porch. We will then pack up some new books and these can be collected from the rear of the school on Fridays between  9.30 -11.30am or get in touch we are flexible and maybe able to offer a delivery service! 


You may not feel like the best singer in the world but to your child they will think you are amazing! Try to recall nursery rhymes, ask your child what their favourite rhyme is and get singing! 

There's a Worm at the Bottom of my Garden

There's a worm at the bottom of my garden,

And his name is Wiggly Woo.

There's a worm at the bottom of my garden

And all that he can do

Is wiggle all day and wiggle all night--

The neighbors say what a terrible fright!

There's a worm at the bottom of my garden,

And his name is Wiggly,


Wig-Wig-Wiggly Woo!

Story Times

The best way to support your child at home is to create a life long love of books! Does your child see you read? Do you model good reading habbits? Remember reading for enjoyment is for everyone! You never need an excuse to curl up and share a book. 

20.4.20 We are continuing to use Google Classroom to upload ideas for the week ahead. Do get in touch if you need any further support.

We are here! Trying to find ways to support you from home, the Curlews Team are now available in a closed group on Facebook. You may even see some familiar faces appear!

Happy Easter

We hope you have all had an amazing Easter holiday. Hasn't the sunshine been fabulous? There is plenty to do outside in the garden so remember to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Lots of learning can be completed outside! 

Salt Dough Family Handprint - 500g plain flour, 250g salt 250mls water. Roll out to approx 2 cm, pop on baking tray then push hand prints in (really hard) bake in the oven as low as possible for 3-4 hrs until hard

Daily Workout with Joe


Every morning at 9 am watch and join in with a great daily workout!

23.3.20 This is amazing! Well worth a look https://hawkandowltrust.org/web-cam-live/norwich-cathedral-side 

Learning Packs

You should all now have received your packs we hope you find them helpful and useful. The books are for you to keep (kindly donated to us) and the craft supplies are to fuel your imagination . Have fun and keep smiling. 

If anything needs a little more explanation or you would like to expand your child's learning drop us an email: curlewsclass@stmaryfed.org.uk 

20.3.20 LEARNING PACKS - Your child will have come home with some ideas and resources to get you started at home. Keep calm! We are here for you and will support you through this challenging time. Email address above for any enquiries. 

Lego Challenge!

Lego is a fabulous learning tool. It helps your childs dexterity, problem solving and fuels imagination! Get building!

Download the 30 Day Lego Challenge! 

Things to do Outdoors

Remember to get outside. There is never bad weather, just the wrong type of clothes. 

How many of these '50 things' have you done? 

We are all unsure of how the next few weeks will unfold but rest assured the Curlews Team  will pack in as much as we can whilst the children are at school. Our busy bags are always available for home learning and we always encourage you to share books and hear your child read regularly. 

Meet the Curlews team 

Mrs Cooper (Thurs & Fri)

Mrs Wines (Mon-Weds) 

Mrs Laing (Mon-Fri)

Miss Wright (Tues-Thurs am)

Mrs Haverty (Mon & Fri all day) 


We are really excited by this term's topic all about Minibeasts! We started off finding out what was under the ground and reading the Julia Donaldson book Superworm

Latest News

We continue to work hard on our outside area and welcome donations of natural found resources such as shells, pine cones and large stones for painting. 


Could we please ask that you put your childs name in everything and check it regularly. It saves lots of time and we are always happy to reunite uniform with the correct owner! Any uniform that your child has grown out of we are happy to take as spare or pass on to another child in the class. 

Spare copies of all letters sent home can be found on the noticeboard just inside the classroom door.