Thrift Class

Here is our work from 2020…

We have done so much work about Christmas, you wouldn't believe.

"I would have thought he would be born in a palace because he was a king but he was born in a stable. But the stable was full of love. And he will know about us because he was ordinary"

"God didn't have time to do stuff with Jesus so he gave Him to Mary to look after Him"

"God chose Mary because she was kind and thoughtful. She was trustable (!)"

"The star was a message from God like the angels were messengers from God"

"Thank you for love and Jesus, Amen"

""You are lovely, God. Thank you"

"Please help everyone love each other. Amen"

"We might thank God for giving us the world. He might thanks us for looking after it"

"I learnt that they weren't Kings. They were wise men and we don;t know how many"

"I learnt that angels are boys"

"I think love is the most important thing"

"God sees the inside so he saw Mary was lovely and kind"

"The baby was a King but He didn't look like a king"

"God sent Jesus to be born because He would be the Saviour of the World"

"The star on the tree is to remind us of The Nativity"

"God sent Jesus to protect the world. He is the same as Jesus"

"God had a big plan. He chose Mary because she was kind. He chose a stable so Jesus could be ordinary. The shepherds show Jesus was for everyone even poor people. The Kings were for people far away. Gold was for a King. Myrrh because he would die. Frankincense to show he would be holy"

"Jesus had someone who always cares - God -and so do we."

"The wise men came at Epiphany not Christmas"

"Dear God make Jesus live for ever so He can go on saving"

Thank you Eliza and he mummy for teaching us about Christmas in Poland. They wait for the first star on Christmas Eve to celebrate. They put hay under the table cloth to remember where Jesus came from. They eat fish."

We made our own Nativity scenes

We love looking at the book advent calendar and reading the little books

Real sawdust and a blow torched roof!

We made Father Christmas and learnt about Saint Nicholas

We made a giant floor map and learnt about compass points and turns

Can you recognise all the characters?

We have enjoyed cooking - we made pizzas

Learning safe chopping skills

Very proud of the finished product

Christmas tree art

speed stacking

great team work

Finding out where the Christmas story took place

We have a maths advent calendar with problems to solve - what toys could you buy that would have a total of 14 legs?

Party Day

Christmas writing - we have made our own books telling the Christmas story

concentrating hard!

enjoying a story!

more Christmas maths - using the clues to order the reindeer

Christmas party lunch - complete with extra treats from a kind donor

I think someone enjoyed his chocolate crispie cake!

There we were, enjoying a story when someone very exciting appeared at the door

And he left a sack of presents!

Presents for everyone!

we played musical statues

and other games

and opened all our cards

everyone was so polite, saying thank you for their cards

We all had a really good time

We finished with a film (thank you Hayden) and some more treats that a kind lady gave us

Here is one of the children's Christmas story. (This is all her own punctuation and spelling.) All the others were just as good. Impressive for 6 and 7 year olds, I think!

A long time ago in the far away village of Nazareth, there lived a kind, happy lady called Mary. One day, a bright white angel swooped inside, "you are going to have a special baby who will be saviour of the earth."

Soon their happy endings were ended, because they had to go from Nazareth to Bethlehem. They walked and got extremely tired. It was very tiring indeed. Bethlehem was bursting with people. It was very hard to find space.

Joseph felt uneasy because he knew Mary's specal baby was nearly born BUT the first inn was full! The second inn was full! The third inn was full!!! An intrested innkeeper told them... "you may sleep in my sweet, warm stable." "OK, thank you!" And that's when Jesus was born.

Meanwhile, on the talest hill, on the edge of Bethlehem, shepherds were sleepily watching their grasing sheep. Suddenly they saw a beautiful, gold as jewels angel "Mary has had a special baby in a stable." The shepherds happily dashed to Bethlehem.

Meanwhile, some kings from the far East observed a dazzling star! They hurried after it trustingly to go to Bethlehem to worship the baby in the old stable. They gave him gold because he was a King, frankincense because he was holy baby and myrrh because he would die like us"

Our Christmas stars. In Poland, they wait for the first star on Christmas Eve before celebrations start

Our Christmas trees

Reading the latest book from our Advent Calendar

Sorting Christmas cards - which ones show images from the Christmas story? What do the pictures tell us?

Thank you to everyone who donated trees and decorations

Thank you for the money donations as well, which bought out Christmas post boxes, advent candles and holders and new Nativity sets.

Putting the post box together proved beyond us! Thank you Mrs Lack! It is now ready to be decorated and painted.

Carol singing (quietly and all facing the same direction!!)

We filmed our virtual Nativity which will soon become available to parents

As well as our usual subjects, we have been using Christmas art to learn - for example, why do we have Christmas trees?

longer and shorter

Thank you prayer paper chains

Week beginning 23rd November

We did our phonics screening tests this week. Usually done at the end of Year 1, they were missed in lockdown, so the Government rearranged them! Last year's Year 1s, now Year 2, have just done them as catch up! Well done to all.

Reception have been doing money, and, amazingly, have even been able to give change (think this is a first! Usually, no one can ever understand change!)

Year 1 and 2 have finished writing about Grandad's Island and have planned their own story to write next week - hopefully showcasing their new skills.

We have explored our locality and looked at how weather, day length, temperature, plants and animals change across the months. We have made graphs which show day length is getting shorter and temperature getting colder.

We are preparing for our Christmas play ( a virtual one this year) and have also changed our Collective Worship area ready for Advent.

exploring effect of steepness of gutter

hula hooping - new skill!

acting out our book

What is the meaning of Christmas? Sharing ideas.

Making Christmas cards for our local care home

Preparing for Christmas next week!

Prayer table ready

Christmas counting already crept in!

Another good week.

We have upped the stakes in writing - much more pacey and much more independent - and the children are going well!

In maths, we have moved up a level and, although it is challenging for everyone (staff included!), we are persevering, trying hard and making progress.

In science, we wowed everyone by carrying our experiments independently and doing better than Samphire in drawing conclusions and explaining what we learnt.

We have started learning our Christmas songs as we WILL be doing a Nativity this year - although it will be a virtual Christmas Play! If you have not already had a letter, one will be coming soon!

You can see some of this week's activities below.

shopping - money and healthy food

trigolf competition

Mrs Tracy Bower came to lead this

We are competing against other schools but all doing it in our own schools

learning the skills

concentrating hard

scoring well

wb 16th November

We have done Noah in Collective Worship- also useful for counting in 2s!

practising pairs to 10 (eg 4+6), 20 (eg 4 +16) and even pairs to 100 (64+? = 100)

What does Christmas mean?

T brilliantly wrote (independently) "pantomim"

more planting

wb 9 Nov 2020

amazing story writing

story telling

getting creative

all the Year 2s are now confident with a thesaurus and choosing ambitious words

having watched Year 2 measuring, everyone was keen to join in

team work

we can measure in cm and metres

enjoying books

YR measuring

programming the beebots

we can now play baby shark!!

Poppy Day Service

what does collaboration look like in our school?

geography walk


geographical features

we love the mud kitchen!

We went on a virtual boat trip as part of our Literacy which generated loads of wonderful vocabulary

Children in Need

act your age - one of our maths challenges - a human bar graph

boxes representing tens and units

I can skip!!

It's been another good week with some excellent work.

We have learnt about Guy Fawkes and Firework Safety and started our Black History Month (yes we know it's a month late!) You can see more of our activities below.

Next week we are looking forward to supporting Children in Need with our "Act your Age" challenges and doing more work on "Poppy Day".

making puppets for story telling

wb 2nd Nov


working together to tidy the playground

Our images of God -what we think represents him best

Gold holds the world in His hands

planting bulbs to enhance the village

wb 19th October maths with giant numicon

Prayer time - Our "twist" shows we are better together

pattern and shape

Faith and Eliza are keeping our temperature record - you can see it is getting colder

enjoying birthday cake!

Demonstrating how we get in a tangle when we tell a tissue of lies (collective worship)

Keeping a record of day length

Writing stories - they were sooo impressive!

Just a few reminders...

  • Long hair should be tied back at all times, please

  • If girls wear tights in class, they need socks in their PE bags for when changing into PE kit

  • Y2s should please practice spellings as often as possible (words are in their red spelling log books. This week we are on Unit 3. We gather up words we need to learn during the week and have a "test" on a Monday)

  • Please let us know if your child has any allergies

  • Please double check all clothes are named - and please check if you are missing anything as we still have some brand new, unclaimed sweatshirts, PE kit and even a jacket waiting to be returned

  • Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any worries or queries.

  • You might like to know that Parent Evening appointments are coming up in November (details nearer the time). These may have to be done by phone but it will still be a good chance for a catch up.


sorting food by taste

making Christmas cards

string telephones

maths games

week beginning 5/10/2020

On the bus...

Special Harvest Assembly

place value

counting to 12

practical number lines

weaving prayers

pipe cleaner prayers. Thank you for our family

Thank you for all the animals

Now that we have had most of the consent forms back, we can start uploading pictures again. We do like to share what we are doing!

Below is just a small sample of some of our activities....

week 4 w/b 28/9/2020

planting hyacinth bulbs

yoga (indoor alternative to our usual PE!)

Harvest week. We made our own Sukkah based on the Jewish festival

decorating our sukkah with natural items

week 3 w/b 21/9/2020

still using our senses - can we identify what it is from the smell?

why are senses important?

we found one of our froglets from the pond

Finding out what the froglet eats

Mixing paint - "I want to make silver" - knew the right colours to use.

tens and units, part/part/whole recording

music lessons

Zones of Regulation - How do we feel? How can we fix it if we need to?

Learning about parts of the body

Week 2 (wb 14/9/2020)

Geography - where we live.

Our senses - how does this feel?

Feely bag - using our sense of touch, can we identify the object?

week 1 7/9/2020

Already starting to write.

And count.

And read!

Our topic is "All about me"