Welcome to the Inca Jays


It's the last half term of the year.

We are amazed at the progress of all the children, who have worked very hard so far this year. We have some fun events coming up including a sports festival at Hunstanton Primary School, sports day and a chance to dance at the Corn Exchange.

Our topic for the half term is Summer. We will be learning about seasons, weather and practicing our geographical skills finding out about different holiday destinations in the UK and abroad.

Ideas for if you wish to take your learning further at home:

Design a suitable summer outfit - bearing in mind staying safe in the sun

Create a guide telling someone on holiday all about your village

If you go out for a trip make/write a postcard from your destination

Learn or write a summer song


Welcome back to the summer term.

Our main topic for this half term is Composers. The children will be investigating how sounds are produced, making their own instruments and finding out about the instruments in an orchestra along with acting out the musical story of Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev.

Our writing will based around the stories of Roald Dahl.

The half term will start off with the year 1 children swimming on a Tuesday morning, with the year 2s going later in the term - details will be sent out from the office before the year groups change.

Library visits will return to a Monday until the end of the school year.

Ideas to take your learning further at home:

Listen to your families choice of music. Can you find out who composed it? Which do you like best and why?

Make a mini project about a famous composer of your choice

Design a poster for your own concert and perform for family and friends

Make an instrument out of things you find in your recycling

Some pieces of music tell a story. Can you compose your own song to tell a story?


Many thanks to all parents who brought pets into school. It was amazing to meet them and they were all so well behaved!

Wishing you all a great Easter holiday.

Happy Easter


During the last week of this half term we would like to welcome into school any of the children's pets which they wish to show the class.

If your pet will not be stressed by the experience, please contact the office to book a visit slot. It will only be for 10-15 min so the children can talk about their pet and answer any questions the other children have.

Slots will be on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.


Our eggs hatched earlier in the week and joined us in the classroom today!


We had fluffy visitors today!

Monday 21/2/22

We have started our new topic of pets. Many thanks for all the photos you have sent in we have loved seeing all the children's pets.

We will be learning about the different pets people have at home and how they look after them.

In Literacy we will be writing a report containing facts about an animal we keep as a pet.

In Science we will be learning what pets need to keep healthy and happy. We will be thinking about what different animals eat and the different groups animals belong to such as mammals, reptiles etc.

If you wish to take your learning further at home you may like to try some of the following activities:

If you have a pet at home, take responsibility for looking after it for a week. This could include giving it food/water, walking/exercising and even cleaning up after it ! If you don’t have a pet at home maybe you could offer to help with a pet belonging to a friend or relative.

When you are out in the local area make note of any animals you see, can you spot any new baby animals in the fields ?

Think about what your ideal pet would be. It could be a real animal or one you have made up. Think about what it would need to stay happy and healthy if it lived with you in your house. For example if it usually lives in a hot country you might need to think of a way to keep it nice and warm.

Happy New Year To You All

Monday 10/1/22

We have already started to explore our new topic of buildings. Much of this work will be linked to our literacy theme of traditional tales.

In our DT work we will be finding out how to make make structures more stable and secure along with building bridges, buildings and homes designed to suit characters from traditional tales. A new tower for Rapunzel or a new palace for Prince Charming perhaps?

Our science learning will build on our materials work from last half term as we will be testing and selecting materials which are suitable for certain purposes such as a roof for the Three Little Pigs house.

We will also place buildings on a timeline to show changes over time and learn about the Great Fire of London and how buildings changed as a result.

Due to the changing circumstances related to Omicron, we have not planned a trip for this half term.

If you wish to take your learning further at home you may like to try some of the following activities:

Go on a walk around your village and spot as many different types of building as you can. You may like to make this into an eye spy style game with different points for different buildings found. Which building did you think was the oldest/newest? How could you tell?

Look on Google maps at the satellite view of your village. Can you work out what any of the buildings are?

When you next visit a town or city compare the different types of buildings you see to those in your village.


It was lovely to see and talk to so many parents during our parental consultations. It was great to share all the hard work the children have done so far.

Please keep an eye out for a handmade invitation to our play 'Scrooge' which will be coming home this week. If regulations remain the same, we will be able to accommodate up to 2 adults per child in the hall. Seating will be spaced out and all windows and doors open to increase ventilation.


Our topics this half term are Bonfire Night and Christmas.

Bonfire Night

The children will be writing poetry inspired by fireworks and learning about colour mixing to make rockets and bonfire paintings. We will also find out about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot.


The majority of our learning will be linked to this year's play 'A Christmas Carol'. There will be lots of drama, singing and prop making along with writing and producing a programme. We are hopeful that parents and carers will be able to attend our performance in the school hall on Thursday 9th December at 9:30.

Ideas to take learning further at home:

Design a new firework. What colour would it be? How would it move? What noise would it make?

Make a poster showing how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.

Explore the idea of playscripts further by reading using different character voices.

Use soft toys/dolls to act out a favorite story.

Materials (our science topic) go on a material hunt around your house. Can you name the materials you find?

Choose a material to use to make a Christmas tree decoration. Why is it a good choice?The children will be making a smiley face sandwich on Monday, so please look out for these as they will be sent home.


We hope the children all enjoyed their pizza!


We have started learning our songs for the harvest festival and learning about harvest.

Just a reminder that our harvest festival is on Friday 22nd October. It would be lovely to see you there.


23 out of 29 children have now joined our Google classroom. If you have still not accepted the invitation to join please try to do so as soon as possible as I am unable to allocate work to your child until they have joined.

Have a lovely weekend.


It is fantastic to see that many of you have already accepted your invite to our Google Classroom. If you have not already done so please do this before next Friday as I can only send work to those children who have joined.

Each Friday new spellings will be added ready for the following week. The children will have time at school to learn these but some enjoy having a copy to work on at home as well!

We have also added a maths recall sheet which includes ideas and activities to develop recall of key facts. This would ideally be practiced regularly over the half term for about 5 min at a time.

Please also read frequently with your child and hear their tricky words (if they have them). Children can change their home reading book on any day by putting it into the blue tray and selecting another from their colour band box. We do remind the children about this frequently and they should all soon be in the swing of it.

Our topic for the half term is food and if you wish to take their learning further at home here are a few examples of activities you may wish to try:

Choose and follow a simple recipe

Walk around your village and spot any food being grown/reared in the fields

look at the food in your fridge and sort it according to food group (fruit/veg, dairy, meat/fish/beans/pulses, bread/pasta/rice/cereals, fats/oils/sugar)

Design a balanced meal including foods from different groups

We would love to see any topic work that you have done at home and we will add it to our class home learning board.


This afternoon we have spoken to all the children about Google Classroom. The children in year 2 have all been taught how to log on but we will be sending log on information home with the year 1 children tomorrow. Please do not change your child's password as we then have no way of helping them log in at school.

Spellings will be set each Friday and a maths recall sheet set each half term.

Many thanks for all your help with reading at home so far. The children all seem very enthusiastic!6/9/21

Welcome back!

Today has been an amazing day with the new class and it has been lovely to see all the children back after the break. The children were all keen to learn and listened well, although a few were very tired towards the end of the afternoon!

Our topic this half term is all about food, covering recipes, food groups, healthy eating and harvest.

Timetable information

P.E. will be on a Wednesday and Friday so please ensure that your child's P.E. kits is in school on these days .

Our day for visiting the school library to change books is a Tuesday.

Children are able to change their reading book on any day.