Nightingales Class

Summer Term 2022

Our new topic is 'All Around the World'!

It's a long half-term, though, at seven weeks, so we're going to spend a little time finishing off our Stone Age Britain work, bringing us up to the Roman Invasion of Britain. We'll also take a deeper look at Skara Brae, using information texts to create our own tourist brochure.


Let's find out about the world and how Geography helps us to map it:

  • North and South, over and under, top and bottom: what do we mean?

  • The Tropics

  • Lines of latitude and longitude

  • Time zones


We're looking at living things and their habitats:

  • How can we classify living things?

  • Vertebrates and invertebrates

  • Classification and keys

  • Environmental changes and the local habitat


  • ‘Skara Brae’ by Dawn Finch will provide us with lots of detail to make our own tourist information brochures.

  • We'll keep up with our group and individual reading. Don't forget to read at home as much as you can!

  • Spelling and Grammar work will come from Jane Considine's spelling book, and we'll focus on those last few bits we need to cover or re-visit.


We're learning about:

  • Properties of shapes

  • Time

  • Money

  • Statistics and data handling

Religion and World Views

  • How did Jesus change lives?

  • What is a miracle?

  • Do miracles ever happen?

And more!

  • Sports Day is coming up, so you'll be practising field events in PE.

  • Ukulele and singing in Music!

  • We'll refine and improve our eBooks in ICT, and also return to some programming work and internet research.