Nightingales Class

Spring Term 2022

Our new topic is 'Water'!


Let's find out about water:

  • Changing states, the water cycle, clouds and rain.

  • How do we treat water to make it safe to drink?

  • Flooding—it's a big problem for some people, and it seems to be getting worse. What can we do?


Electricity and water don't mix, but we're going to be learning about:

  • Everyday electricity and electrical devices

  • Electrical circuits

  • Conductors and insulators

  • Switches

We're going to use all this new-found knowledge to make a project in D&T that will involve electricity!


  • The book 'Flood' by Alvaro F. Villa fits in perfectly with our topic, and will give us lots of chance to practice our writing skills.

  • We'll keep up with our group and individual reading. Don't forget to read at home as much as you can!

  • Spelling and Grammar work will come from Jane Considine's lovely new spelling book.


We're learning about:

  • Addition and subtraction: you've worked so hard on this, and we're going to keep practising in our maths starter work.

  • Multiplication work. So many of you are working hard learning your tables, and really getting a great understanding of what multiplication really is.

  • Division! You've got the multiplication sorted… let's link it all together!

Religion and World Views

What is wisdom? A good question… the Bible is full of wise people saying wise things, like Solomon.

  • Is knowledge the same as wisdom?

  • Who was Solomon and what did he ask for?

  • What did Jesus teach about wisdom?

And more!

  • Seascapes and water paintings in Art!

  • Swimming and Gymnastics in PE!

  • Rights and Responsibilities in PSHE!

  • Ukulele and singing in Music!

  • Digital Art and Programming in ICT!