Nightingales Class

Welcome back!

We've started!

Welcome back to you all, Nightingales: it's going well!

What's coming up?

Our topic is Engineers, so we'll be looking at some famous… well, engineers, of course! What is an engineer? What do they do? Who are some brilliant engineers who have made everyone's lives better? You'll know the answers to all these things and more by the end of the half-term!

Engineers fit in really well with Science, of course, so we're going to find out about properties of different materials, and how they can be changed.

PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays, so please come with your school PE kit on those days. We will be changing in school, so wear your normal uniform.

Literacy we're going to read and write about the mysterious book The Secret of Black Rock. I shall say no more about it, for then it wouldn't be a secret, and a secret that isn't a secret is a bit rubbish. You'll just have to wait and see!

In RE we're going to find out more about Islam, and think about what it means to be a Muslim.

There's lots more, but I think that'll give you a bit of an idea of how busy we're going to be. Ukuleles in music, some printing and Zentangle artwork, getting used to Google Classroom and sharing documents, and some UK map work will all feature as well: how will we ever fit it all in!?!

See you on Monday!