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Summer Term 2022

KS1 Sports Festival

To celebrate the Commonwealth games, each school became a participating Country. Anyone recognise this flag? We were The Bahamas


medal winners



Recent activities 17/6/22

picnic up at School Farm, thanks to The Robert Smith Trust

Plant a tree for the Jubilee!

A beautiful Oak


Noah's Ark jigsaw (we have been counting in 2s!)

making our own superhero bases

The story of Moses

The burning bush

The red sea!

Capacity work

10/6/22 Superhero maths

superhero world

eco car - brilliant! Well done!

Investigating June wildlife

We have had lots of art activities out in the playground

more superhero maths!

Amazing prayer activity

No peel - sinks. With peel - floats. The peel protects it just like God protects us.

Exploring the world


Looking at our potatoes while waiting to plant Lupins


We also planted sunflowers by the pond area.

We had parents in today. Some were quite competitive footballers!

Seriously though, thanks for joining in!

The staff, too!


Nature walk

our potatoes have grown amazingly since it rained!

And our tomatoes..


Exploring the church with our senses - what we know and what we believe

"I know what this tap it and sound comes out"

13/5/2022 Parish and Borough Councillor Robert Lawton presented the children with Jubilee medals today