Welcome to Thrift Class

wb 3rd May

we acted the story of Jonah. See our work here (pages 3 - 5)

We talked about God the creator and thought about the wonderful world

sorting recycling

sponge painting

ordering items by weight

sponge painting


we have planted beans, potatoes, strawberries and tomatoes

week 3 26/4/2021

Science walk - what do we see in April?

these plants grow on a wall!!


proving 2/4 = 1/2

finding 3/4 - done it!!

pairs to 10

we have learnt about healthy eating


exploring litter


looking after baby beautifully

playing house

This week we buried litter. Next week we will look and see what has happened

message from Teddy



Our RWV topic is "What is God? What do different people believe?"

week 2: Back to school last week and so far, so good. Our new topic is sun, sea and sand.


Our Science topic is materials and here we are testing out what materials make the strongest bridges

This is rigid and strong so it should be good

We made our bridge with wood because it's strong

I chose something hard

drawing fish with glue

discussing litter

checking out litter

sorting rubbish

Spring Term Work

Easter art and craft

making Easter nests

today has been exhausting!


duckling art and craft

Easter egg hunt - thank you PFA!

egg bingo

making the Easter Garden for the church

goodbye ducklings!

We are very excited to have ducklings in school. We began with 6 eggs and all 6 hatched - in order: Bob (named by Sharon); Fred (named by Mrs Preston); Chip (named by Mr King); Dave (named by Miss Trett); Twiglet (named by Mrs Bocking) and Wiggy (named by Mr Bocking after the dog we walk!)

We are having a very exciting time with them!

We wrote poems today - see below

Click here for a duckling video and here and here . And a swimming video here

Our poems

Can you guess what we are describing?

What am I?

I am as noisy as a pneumatic drill digging up the road

I am as yellow as the sun on a hot sunny day

I have black eyes each side of my head

I am as soft as the froth on my hot chocolate

I have orange feet with claws that are sharp

I have a mouth like a dust pan

What am I?

By Thea, Emma, Keegan, Monroe and Marley

I am as noisy as a train whistling when it whizzes past

I am as yellow as really sticky honey

I am as black and oval as a moon when there’s black clouds

I am as soft as a white cloud that is a bit silky too

I have small feet almost like a blackbird

I have a colourful mouth like a human’s skin

By Xavi

I am as noisy as a dog barking

I am as blonde as my mummy’s hair

I have black, shiny, oval shaped eyes

I am as soft as fluff

I have waddling feet

I have a mouth like a scoop

By Hayden

I am as noisy as a squeaky toy in my brother’s room

I am as yellow as honey in a bee hive

I have eyes the shape as almonds and they are jet black

I am as soft as a summer cloud in the sky

I have feet to walk to walk around on

I have a mouth like an orange table

What am I?

By Mya

I am as noisy as a robin chirping happily

I am as yellow as a yummy pineapple

I have an oval shaped eye as round as a brown, yummy almond

I am soft as my fluffy soft teddy

I have weird feet, no one else has these feet

I have a mouth like a scooping scoop

By Ryder

I am as noisy as a robin singing on the tree next to little eggs

I am as yellow as banana laying on the chair

My eyes are blue as the sky

I am soft as a cat running

I got big feet and a little mouth as a rubber

By Eliza

I am as noisy as a robin on a nest of eggs

I am as yellow as a daffodil

#I have almond shaped eyes as black as coal

I am as soft as a bunny

I have big waddling feet

I have a mouth like a scoop

By Faith

I am as noisy as a Labrador barking at his friend

I am as yellow as a dandelion

I am as soft as a baby puppy waiting for its dinner

I have enormous waddling feet

I have a mouth like a scoop

By Lily

I am as noisy as a kitten that is asleep

And I am as yellow as a lemon

My eye is as black as rotten leaves

I am as soft as a baby kitten

My feet as clear as glass on a window

What am I?

By Asya

I am as noisy as the storm

I am yellow as a golden star

I am soft as a jumper

My feet are very smooth

By Stanley

I am soft as a bunny

I am as noisy as a car

I am as yellow as cheese

My eyes are like a crocodiles

By Lewis



doing the splits on the plastic cloth!

Being very gentle with them

We all loved it!

WE all loved holding them

They are quite adventurous (as is the camera angle!)

but seem to like interacting with us

a delight for all

their first swim

they have grown so much

They even have little tails now

so cute!

decorating red nose biscuits

We have got really good at catching balls


making a worry doll


Easter cards

placing sprinkles

We made Easter gardens

our gardens included the tomb and the crosses

Making sad/happy cross pictures in our Easter work

which is sad, which is happy?

new life at Easter

Our Easter thoughts can be found here and here and here and here - well worth following the links to read.

Mothers' Day cards

keeping calm and relaxed


new skill

determined to learn!

Everyone has been back this week. It has been lovely to see everyone. We are all getting used to working again.

In maths we are doing fractions which has been fun and in grammar we are doing the progressive tense which sounded hard but is really easy. It is like "We were jumping" or "I am writing".

In English, we are writing the Easter story because we're not in school at Easter to do it on the right days.

We had a new PE coach and that was fun.

We have learnt to do videos for our Mothers' Day presentation but it didn't quite work for everyone which was sad for some people when theirs isn't on there.

Lots of our seeds are growing which is exciting.

Its been nice to see our friends and play with them so we're glad to be back.

wb 8th March 2021

St David's Day work and cooking

We used natural materials in DT

We are learning about the Easter story. On Palm Sunday when Jesus went to Jerusalem on a donkey, everyone waved palm leaves

The last supper - feet washing

Jesus shared bread and wine to remember his body and blood

When people have communion in church, they remember this story

On Good Friday, Jesus was crucified

The cross on the hot cross bun reminds us that Jesus died on the cross

We have done writing and videos for our mums for Mothers' day

In English last week, we wrote letters - we just had some replies

We all got palm crosses to take home


Our frogs are back -we have frog spawn!

We have spent the week learning about the plant life cycle

Can you see the pollen?

We have planted sunflower seeds, runner beans, nasturtiums and pumpkins

We have also planted a pot of bird seed and apple and pear seeds from our fruit at snack time

We have planted the bottom of an onion to see if it grows, and put bits of rosemary in water to see if they grow

Collective worship

We learnt the golden rule "Love others as you love yourself" that Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount. We made friendship bracelets

Speed stacking

World Book Day

We did loads of activities. We were doing maths from books here - "I am sorting out the Little Miss and tallying"

"I have counted all the animals and now I'm drawing a block graph"

We wrote a class story about our bean. M scribed for us.

We love books!

Art, Friday 26th Feb

exploring plants, experimenting with techniques

bark rubbing

this wood looks different...

different trees had different patterns

wb 22nd February

Collective worship - Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent -repentance, washing away our sins, saying sorry, starting afresh..

disappearing, like what we did and our worries

"works like magic"

Now we can forget we did the wrong thing and we can do it right

Thinking walk, reflecting

The lovely colours remember God's love

This is like the table of the last supper. Jesus had friends like me.

circles. Sometimes we go in circles and we need help. God can help.

We read "Dear Greenpeace" and learnt about letters, then we wrote our own and posted them.

We are hoping to get replies to our letters

feeding the birds

cress experiments - what do they need to grow?

daffodil experiment

Signs of Spring walk

The daffodils we planted by the bus shelter are growing

Getting our collective worship area ready for Lent


Making turtles - marking the clay

joining clay

Mya's finished turtle


snow and ice experiments

more ice experiments

we could freeze our water, it was so cold outside

we found lots of tracks in the snow

our daffodils are growing

everything was frozen in the tray!

we now have an ice kitchen as opposed to a mud kitchen

photo from home

we are feeding our blackbird - he looks very fat

our robin loves the food

everywhere is so snowy

Mrs Bocking in a snow drift

We filled our tubs with snow, right to the top. We predicted the snow would melt into water

As it melted, the snow got smaller

Wow! All the snow had melted and turned to water - but there was MUCH less water than snow.

And the water we put in tubs outside is now ice. It must be below zero which is when water freezes.

bird feeders at home

w/b 1st Feb

wonderful handwriting Lewis

Great work, Xavi!

week beginning 1st Feb

still feeding the birds

commercial food as well as our fat feeders

Acting out our story for Literacy

PE with Joe

music/computing lessons

Ryder sent us a photo of his feeders


beautiful sewing

We have been on safari and Faith painted this lovely picture

dissolving worries i water

beautiful work, Xavi

Preparing the Collective Worship space - Candlemas is 2nd February and is when Christmas in the Church finishes so we go back to a green cloth

Collective Worship - we are all special and unique

Our people were all special and unique too

Many people, one body; many gifts, working together -our vision

We all have our own gifts but we can all work together

We need to be the best that we can be, the best person that God created us to be and we need to use our gifts to help ourselves and others

Making bird food ready for the Big Birdwatch

week 4 25/1/2021

getting the peanuts ready

feeding the birds

We are now experts at identifying the common birds

Well done - home learning - doing so well, we had to provide extra!

home learning - phonics

we are so proud of you all

frosty nature walk

look at the ice!

the bulbs we planted by the bus stop are growing

look at the pollen from our catkins

there was a flood this morning!