Welcome to Thrift Class

Another good week.

We have upped the stakes in writing - much more pacey and much more independent - and the children are going well!

In maths, we have moved up a level and, although it is challenging for everyone (staff included!), we are persevering, trying hard and making progress.

In science, we wowed everyone by carrying our experiments independently and doing better than Samphire in drawing conclusions and explaining what we learnt.

We have started learning our Christmas songs as we WILL be doing a Nativity this year - although it will be a virtual Christmas Play! If you have not already had a letter, one will be coming soon!

You can see some of this week's activities below.

shopping - money and healthy food

trigolf competition

Mrs Tracy Bower came to lead this

We are competing against other schools but all doing it in our own schools

learning the skills

concentrating hard

scoring well

wb 16th November

We have done Noah in Collective Worship- also useful for counting in 2s!

practising pairs to 10 (eg 4+6), 20 (eg 4 +16) and even pairs to 100 (64+? = 100)

What does Christmas mean?

T brilliantly wrote (independently) "pantomim"

more planting

wb 9 Nov 2020

amazing story writing

story telling

getting creative

all the Year 2s are now confident with a thesaurus and choosing ambitious words

having watched Year 2 measuring, everyone was keen to join in

team work

we can measure in cm and metres

enjoying books

YR measuring

programming the beebots

we can now play baby shark!!

Poppy Day Service

what does collaboration look like in our school?

geography walk


geographical features

we love the mud kitchen!

We went on a virtual boat trip as part of our Literacy which generated loads of wonderful vocabulary

Children in Need

act your age - one of our maths challenges - a human bar graph

boxes representing tens and units

I can skip!!

It's been another good week with some excellent work.

We have learnt about Guy Fawkes and Firework Safety and started our Black History Month (yes we know it's a month late!) You can see more of our activities below.

Next week we are looking forward to supporting Children in Need with our "Act your Age" challenges and doing more work on "Poppy Day".

making puppets for story telling

wb 2nd Nov


working together to tidy the playground

Our images of God -what we think represents him best

Gold holds the world in His hands

planting bulbs to enhance the village

wb 19th October maths with giant numicon

Prayer time - Our "twist" shows we are better together

pattern and shape

Faith and Eliza are keeping our temperature record - you can see it is getting colder

enjoying birthday cake!

Demonstrating how we get in a tangle when we tell a tissue of lies (collective worship)

Keeping a record of day length

Writing stories - they were sooo impressive!

Just a few reminders...

  • Long hair should be tied back at all times, please

  • If girls wear tights in class, they need socks in their PE bags for when changing into PE kit

  • Y2s should please practice spellings as often as possible (words are in their red spelling log books. This week we are on Unit 3. We gather up words we need to learn during the week and have a "test" on a Monday)

  • Please let us know if your child has any allergies

  • Please double check all clothes are named - and please check if you are missing anything as we still have some brand new, unclaimed sweatshirts, PE kit and even a jacket waiting to be returned

  • Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any worries or queries.

  • You might like to know that Parent Evening appointments are coming up in November (details nearer the time). These may have to be done by phone but it will still be a good chance for a catch up.


sorting food by taste

making Christmas cards

string telephones

maths games

week beginning 5/10/2020

On the bus...

Special Harvest Assembly

place value

counting to 12

practical number lines

weaving prayers

pipe cleaner prayers. Thank you for our family

Thank you for all the animals

Now that we have had most of the consent forms back, we can start uploading pictures again. We do like to share what we are doing!

Below is just a small sample of some of our activities....

week 4 w/b 28/9/2020

planting hyacinth bulbs

yoga (indoor alternative to our usual PE!)

Harvest week. We made our own Sukkah based on the Jewish festival

decorating our sukkah with natural items

week 3 w/b 21/9/2020

still using our senses - can we identify what it is from the smell?

why are senses important?

we found one of our froglets from the pond

Finding out what the froglet eats

Mixing paint - "I want to make silver" - knew the right colours to use.

tens and units, part/part/whole recording

music lessons

Zones of Regulation - How do we feel? How can we fix it if we need to?

Learning about parts of the body

Week 2 (wb 14/9/2020)

Geography - where we live.

Our senses - how does this feel?

Feely bag - using our sense of touch, can we identify the object?

week 1 7/9/2020

Already starting to write.

And count.

And read!

Our topic is "All about me"

Welcome back everyone! We are really looking forward to seeing you all.

You will get more information when we start back, with much more detail about our Covid -19 procedures, but we would like to reassure you that we have been busy getting the classroom ready to ensure that we all remain safe but the children can also learn effectively and have fun. You can see a few photos of our lovely bright and cheerful room below.

Some of you have been asking about what your child should/shouldn't bring. We would expect your child to bring their book bag as usual. For all new children, the first one is provided free of charge, along with a water bottle. These have been quarantined and will be given out on the first day. Bags and coats can be hung on the child's peg as usual. We used to store home packed lunches in the fridge but this involves too much handling for the current situation, so, for now, children will keep their packed lunch bags on their pegs with their other belongings. Each child will be given their own individual pencil case with all necessary pens, pencils, rulers etc in, so they will not need to bring their own from home. Government regulations now allow much more equipment and toys to be out for use in school (with strict cleaning procedures) but I'm afraid that toys from home will have to stay at home for the time being. PE will be going ahead, although adapted to meet safety requirements, so children will need PE kits in school every week, please. To ensure there is no accidental sharing of clothes, please ensure everything is clearly named.

We will be handwashing regularly throughout the day, mostly using soap as this is proven to be the most effective cleaner, but we will also use child-friendly hand sanitiser as required. We discourage the use of hand sanitisers from home as the Government recommends minimum items going between home and school to avoid spreading germs.

To keep everyone safe, we are sorry, but parents are not allowed in the classroom. If you want to speak to any of us, do catch us at the gate, or phone Mrs Preston in the office (mornings only) and she will be able to arrange something. I know parents usually like to settle new Reception children, but I can assure you that we will do everything in our power to make them happy and comfortable and, if there have been problems when you drop off, we will message you during the morning to reassure you that all is now well.

I am sure that some of you will be worried about how things will work and how your child will react to being back in school. This is perfectly natural and normal! I can only say that those children who were in during the strictest lockdown period, managed to stay safe and have a really enjoyable and productive time, so I am sure we can manage the same now!

Our lovely new carpet and interactive board, and the Y1/Reception work area.

The book corner and comfy chair have re-opened.

The Y2 work area.

All children, in all year groups, will sit side by side not face to face - so they will be safe but still be able to talk to, and work with, their partner.

Art Competition

Thought you would like to know that all the winning art work has now been framed and is on display in Brancaster Village Hall.

Pirate Day 15 July 2020

Treasure hunt - following clues

Sharing the pirate treasure

Seaside in a bottle

Part of our beach day

Sand, sea, fish, shells...

ice creams!

Cherry on the top and sprinkles!

Good enough to eat

Clay work with Mrs Tidd

Great concentration!

Pine cone pets

Congratulations to:

Marley - for brilliant PE with Joe and AMAZING reading and writing

Xavi for an amazing, unaided piece of writing about The Bear Hunt - used speech marks, commas, adjectives, conjunctions etc etc - and beautiful joined handwriting, too.

Some of our activities 6th - 10th July

Numbers with natural materials

Painting charm stones

Close observation of plants

Making plants from natural materials

Natural Treasures bracelet

Multiplication with natural materials

Magic square - rows and columns each equal 10.

Fish weaving. (Three days later, still weaving!)

Clay Hedgehogs

Activities end of June

Making our own bear caves

lovely home for a bear!

Measuring paper to fit

ready to explore

Off on our hunt

into the narrow, gloomy cave

all well prepared with accessories

lots of obstacles to negotiate



we all did different patterns

number sentences

using our senses outdoors

rainbow treasure hunt

Making pom poms

These will become our pets!

Team work!

Therapeutic on a hot Friday afternoon!

Needs concentration!

Could be a long job....

colour wash waxed cat pictures

We love getting pictures of what you do at home

We were sent these lovely photos - thank you

Looks brilliant!

Feel free to send us some of your activities.

amazing what you can make from paper plates!

firefighter handprints

more paper plate art!

sharing and dividing in maths

19th June - a few recent photos

making sock puppets

my friend!

careful choices

weaving police cars!


Final product

Aren't we clever!

Congratulations to

Hayden for being so kind and thoughtful all week

Olly for having worked all morning the day I called round (before he knew I was coming!)

Hayden, Ryder and Xavi for amazing maths. Faith for joining in with the next level up in maths.

Asya, Harry, Jacob and Marley for huge progress in phonics

Grace for being so lovely when I saw her and for the work she has done

Mrs Tidd for coming in to work even when she shouldn't!

As part of our topic on "caring for others" we read this book. you fill a bucket when you are nice and kind. Everyone in class filled a bucket today.

Asya filled a bucket by being kind to her friends, helping sweep up, making a bracelet for her sister....

Ryder filled a bucket by considering Marley, being thoughtful of Mrs Lack and respecting his friend's choices..

Hayden won two certificates for caring for others; he also respected the classroom and made sure it was tidy for Mrs Lack, and he shared lovely stories and photos about caring for his family...

Art competition

Well done to our winners. I will finish dropping prizes off during next week.

Beach/Sea Category Reception Years 1 and 2

1st Harry Davidson

2nd Kian Preston

3rd Asya Corbaci

Garden Category

1st Xavier Simpson-Smith

Single object/creature Category

1st Faith King

2nd Xavier Simpson-Smith

3rd Thea King

Reception/Year 1/Year 2 - Merit awards:

Marley Coe

Ryder Wood

Hayden Raisbury

Olly Amm

Jace Preston

Grace Hurley

Beach/Sea Category Year 3-4

1st Matilda Clarkson

2nd - Elise Kidd

Single object/creature Category

1st Marshall Coe

2nd Matilda Clarkson

Beach/Sea Category Years 5-6

1st Melody Coe

2nd Oscar Tidd

3rd Joshua Amm

Garden Category

1st Faith Fox

2nd Eve Fox

Single Object Creature Category

1st Seth Clarkson

2nd Freddie Orford

3rd Connor Broomfield

Y5/6 Highly Commended

Gracie McGinn

Y5/6 Merit awards

Freya Kidd

Skye Preston

Tia Wright

Chloe Jackson

Working together

Do you remember clapping for the NHS/other key workers? We think you and your families all deserve a big clap for sticking with it, working hard, enjoying activities and just keeping going! We are proud of you all and you should be proud of yourselves. Those of us in school are sending a big clap out to you and we hope you will do something at home to celebrate your efforts. Well done to all.

We are aware that it has been a long time since families have had direct contact with us and many are getting no feedback/communication. It must be hard to stay motivated or to feel connected to us. If we can do anything at all to help or if anyone has any ideas how we can offer more support and build closer relationships, do please let us know.

Congratulations to

Ryder, Xavi, Faith, Asya, Jacob, Harry, Hayden and Marley for working so hard all week and for all the progress they have made.

Xavi for his learning log homework

Sharon for helping everyone - children and staff

Mrs Sayers for coming in when Sharon was on her first aid course -and for bringing in her fossils

Thursday 11th June.

Well done to all who entered the art competition. All the pictures were judged by independent judges who were incredibly impressed. I do now have some idea of the winners but am not allowed to tell you yet -it will all be announced officially very soon. Everyone who entered will get a lovely sketchpad, colouring pencils and pens and there are some money prizes for the winners in each category. The pictures will be framed and put up in the Village Hall/Bar 71 and already some people are asking if they can buy a picture and donate the money to the school! That shows how good everyone thinks they are. You can all be very proud of yourselves. We will let you know as soon as the winners are announced.

We are all missing everyone who is still at home and we have just heard the Government doesn't think you will be back until September. That is a shame as we were really looking forward to seeing some of you, but we do want everyone to be safe - and I'm not sure we actually have room for any more in school if we stick to the 2m apart rule! It takes a lot of space! Do send us pictures of what you are doing so we can keep in touch that way.

We are still doing PE with Joe

Even Mr King has joined in

We have learnt about dinosaurs and fossils.

Ammonites are spiral shapes so we drew and cut some spirals

If the spirals were with narrow spaces they ended up very long

We tried drawing from the outside in and the inside out

We printed ammonite patterns

We explored the best amounts of paint

We are all experienced printers now!

Some of us got very messy!

We made moving dinosaurs to describe in Literacy using our best adjectives

Matching dinosaurs and fossils

Dinosaur maths

What are these? (leeks!)


Congratulations to our stars of the week:

Lewis for working so well at home

Jace for amazing activities at home

Kian for amazing activities at home

Grace for her maths

Grace's Nana for helping with Grace's maths with a video call!

Marley for settling back in so well and joining in Y1 work!

We have received these photos showing what one family is doing at home. All sounds great fun. Well done! We do love to see your work and activities. I have really enjoyed seeing the excellent art competition entries from everyone - the committee will have a hard job to choose the winners!

Making some bunting for their play area.

The boys have done lots of paintings, made cookies and even managed to get me to paint the table as a black board to play on!

We have been outside a lot, growing this year tomatoes and strawberries. The kids had fun decorating the planters

2/6/2020 fun on the bikes

dinosaur maths

4/6/2020 PE with Joe

dinosaur measuring


More children joined us today, with more expected on Wednesday. Everyone settled in well and our "dinosaur" topic proved popular.

We made balancing dinosaurs after we learnt what dinosaurs are and how they were not around at the same time as people.

Everyone said it was good to be back and good to see their friends.

H and R proved to be excellent role models showing the others what to do

"It's nice in school. We're having fun. I like doing more art"

Things might look a bit different but the work is still the same!

Making shape pictures at playtime

Amazing maths for Year 1s, adding and subtracting big numbers, like 73 - 48. This group showed their brilliance and then sorted the dinosaur sums by size of answer.

May 22nd 2020

Hello all. I hope you have a good half term.

School will be starting again for some after the holiday and we look forward to seeing you. Please remember you MUST have your own water bottle. You will also need a healthy snack for playtime as we are unable to provide anything. We will start the day with "PE with Joe" so you might want to wear suitable clothes (for example, trousers - or PE shorts under a dress). If it is hot, you will need sun hats and sun cream as always. Packed lunches will be kept at your table and you will need to be able to open any packaging yourself. The children have made a booklet about what school is like at the moment, but I can only get the photos or the words to upload to the Blog, not both! We will hand deliver the booklet to those we know are coming back. If you would like a copy, just let the office know

If you are not coming back yet and you would like some work just let us know but you do not need to have anything from us. We know lots of you are doing some lovely family activities at home.

The Oak Academy is a Government website with lessons on that you might like to try? Just click here.

Our certificates today go to:

  • Hayden for his amazing reading. He read to his sister and to himself and hardly needed any help. (We loved the photo, thank you)

  • Riley, Alfie, Eve, Faith, Oscar - all for submitting SO MUCH work and putting so much effort in. Well done.

  • Jenson for all the activities he has been doing at home. (Thanks for the email)

  • Asya for her homework and for working hard back in school.

Dear all, nearly half term- congratulations for surviving so long.

We are planning three bitesize topics for the last half term - "Dinosaurs" for the first two weeks, followed by "Caring for Others", and, finally, "Nature's sculptures" which should be a nice Summery, outdoor topic. If any of you at home would like related work, do let us know as soon as possible so we can organise it for you. I know children can find it hard to engage with work for you so we can always set a couple of special pieces of work that you could send it to us to be marked if that would help? There are also the Learning Logs below, which relate to our current topic.

And don't forget the art competition - deadline is the end of the month.

Arctic landscape art based on Ted Harrison

Snowflake art - guess which type of weather we were doing?

May blossom art

Our butterfly hunter story map - including some very special emotion words.

Mrs Tidd has put together some learning logs for the next few weeks. We have been doing weather in school so thought it would be nice if you could do the same. Click on the link to the right to access it.

Congratulations to this week's certificate winners:

  • Ryder for amazing grammar and beautiful joined up handwriting

  • Harry for much improved writing

Don't forget you can nominate winners, too. Just let school know.

Learning Log.docx


Still working hard here at school and we are also preparing from more children after half term. Letters and a survey should be out tomorrow.

fishy art (from Friday with Mrs Tidd)

cutting carefully

maths games

Hello again everybody. Today I delivered some packs to all the people living between school and my Mum. Tomorrow I will deliver the rest so you will soon all have them. There is a letter from us teachers, personalised to each of you, plus a competition that we hope you will enter, and the May I Spy for those who want to have a go.

We have also been asked to share a virtual athletics challenge with you - click on the link here here and it will take you to the instructions video. This came to school with a video naming all the schools which had taken part. It would be lovely if our name was on there next time!

Harry and Ryder wrote the piece for the Parish News this month:

Our Federation schools have been closed due to coronavirus, but Brancaster has stayed open. The Government gave Mr King a list of what sort of children could still come to school and about 15 children in the Federation were on the list but only 2 have come. It is really strange just being two of us but we are doing lots of fun things and learning lots. (Mrs Bocking adds Ryder can now write joined up and Harry’s writing has changed out of all recognition! Well done, boys!)

Every afternoon we do art and we did a topic on famous artists and did finger painting to make pictures like Monet and printing like Andy Warhol and William Morris. We have been making butterflies with folding paper and also made them symmetrical by painting them carefully and folding them.We painted multi-coloured rainbows for the people who help us and we put them on the church gate so everyone would see them.

In English we have been learning about adjectives and adverbs so we can describe things and make it more interesting. We learnt about famous authors and compared and reviewed some of their special books.

We have explored plants and learnt about roots, leaves, petals and pollen. Insects like bees collect the pollen from the flowers. Birds collect the seeds so the plants can grow new plants. We planted some seeds that are now growing. We also did the life cycle of frogs and our tadpoles changed to froglets.

We learnt to program the beebots to go places like the yellow, red, brown and blue towers.

We learnt about Mary, the mother of Jesus and made a attractive altar for our assembly table. We put flowers on.

Every morning we do PE with Joe and now Rosie. All the staff join in and we are getting much better at the exercises.

We have been happily reading all the Mr Men books and our favourite treat is watching the Mr Men and Little Miss DVD.

Mr Johnson and Mrs Sayers from Sedgeford come and help sometimes and Mr Sayers has been painting the school Sharon and Mrs Lack have been sorting out the library with a bit of help from Mr King, and Mrs Tidd and Mrs Bocking are tidying out the attic. Our school looks really nice now – all clean and tidy and fresh.

By Ryder (age 6) and Harry (age 7).

On Tuesday 8th May 1945, the Country celebrated the end of the second world war in Europe. The day became known as VE Day, short for Victory in Europe Day. This year is the 75th anniversary of VE day and our May Bank Holiday was changed from Monday to Friday this coming week to allow a long weekend of celebrations. Of course, these have now all been cancelled. However, Rachael Williams, Head of Schools Learning at Stories of Lynn Museum, has put together a program of virtual activities. There are too many ideas to list here, as well as a countdown continuing all week with a different activity every day, talks to listen to, and a competition. For more information click here.

It has been good to be in contact with more of you this week.

If you want some fresh ideas, how about making a time capsule? For ideas click here

And if you are struggling and need help, you could contact the StarLine team on 0330 313 9162 - you can find more more information here. Starline is a free-phone telephone number, which will offer personalised advice and support from a team of qualified teachers, education and parenting experts, to any family struggling with the demands and pressures of trying to learn from home. It will be open six days a week and is available to all parents and carers of school-aged children nationwide and also supported by a website.

Parents phoning the helpline may require support with a specific topic, such as algebra or English, or simply be looking for tips about how to structure the day, deal with difficult behaviour or manage the learning of several children at once.

StarLine's team of advisers will share tips, techniques and advice on where to access resources to help those in need.

It will be open to queries across all areas of the curriculum and all phases of education but in addition to this callers can ask for help and advice regarding behaviour, wellbeing as well as information on supporting pupils who have special needs or disabilities.

All calls will be confidential.

We made rainbows for key workers

We put them on the church railings

We learnt about beebots and programming

In science we explored which parts of a plant we can eat

I hope that everyone had a good Easter and that you are all still well and safe. Holidays officially finish this weekend. Some of you may then need some more work. If so, do please contact the school and we will get this organised.

Our topic would have been famous artists this term so you might want to explore some artists and art. There are lots of ideas and resources out there on the internet but here are a few links: twinkl or topmarks and a great one -BBC bitesize. Also the crafty classroom.

Science is anything to do with nature - growing plants would be a good topic for this time of year. Again BBC bitesize has some great resources, as does everyschool and twinkl.

Twinkl are still doing their daily timetable which gives you everything you need for all the day's lessons - just click here

BBC Bitesize are also doing the same thing - just click here

Phonics play will keep your child up to date with phonics - just click here

Oxford Owls is another great site - full of books and ideas -just click here

Some good maths sites include Learning at home, maths mastery and nrich - all have specific resources for home learning and all would fit well with the way we teach in school.

There are, of course, plenty more sites, and if you need more ideas, just contact the school.

Also some news - we sent the eggs we had collected for Easter Bingo and Egg Hunt to the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital as someone put out a message saying how tired the doctors, nurses and other helpers are, and how they needed treats. I hope they enjoyed them as much as we would have done! We were in the paper - just click on the link to see the article - EDP. We delivered the spare eggs to some of the people in the village who are self isolating and often a bit lonely. We had so many heartfelt thank yous. Thank you, children, for being so generous and giving your eggs away!

summer week 2

William Morris Printing

spreading paint on

These colours are just like William Morris used

finished product - repeating pattern

Summer Week 2:

sorting leaves

planting strawberries outside

printing like Andy Warhol

repeated flower prints

Summer Week 1

Planting seeds

Taking care of them

We planted apple pips, tomato seeds, sunflower seeds and peas

wax resist Monet paintings

Summer week 1

We learnt about Monet and finger painted to make some art like his

He was an impressionist and his pictures just give the idea of his garden

Then we did a collage. This is poppies in a field.

This is waterlilies on a pond.

Making minibeasts

Pipe cleaner legs slot nicely into corrugated card



fingerpaint dandelions

Nine Men's Morris

This is our shared writing based on the Blue Umbrella.

We were trying Jane Considine's sentence stacking and she set three challenges - to include at least one sentence about feelings, one short sentence for impact and some repetition. Can you find all these in our writing?

Do you like our powerful verbs, adjectives and adverbs?

We used a thesaurus and learnt lots of new words.

Making Easter nests.

we did lots of maths with the eggs!

Our tadpoles in the pond have hatched now.

We drew the frog's lifecycle and made our own moving frogs.

sewing practice


takes lots of concentration!

finished chick

what do you think of mine?

Joe's daily PE - almost one million tuned in across the whole world.

Writing our 3 Little Pigs Playscript

We performed our play today (25/3/2020) to Mr King and Mrs Preston. We even had refreshments!

Sport Relief mile run 13/3/2020

Amazingly we made almost £500 and still counting! Well done all!

learning about minibeasts

counting in maths

planting the blue tubs

and caring for the plants

researching minibeast facts

ready to write our own information texts

geography map work

making our own maps

Contraction dominoes (can you match for example "I will" to "I'll"?)

Exploring micro habitats on the field

Look what I have found!


We found frog spawn in the pond.

So many things to look at!

What are these?

I love minibeasts!

Do we have tadpoles yet? (No!)

making the ladybird a home!

On Ash Wednesday, Revd. Rachael came to do an Ashing Assembly.

We could choose to have an ash cross.

Some people had it on their hands.

But most people had a cross on their head.

pancakes in the church 25/2/2020

Here is our latest newsletter:

Dear Parents,

Welcome back after half term! It is lovely for both us to be working together again with your children. Mrs Bocking will be teaching Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Tidd Thursday and Friday each week. We shall be supported by teaching assistants including Ms Spencer, Mrs Richardson and Ms Trett.

Our topic this half term is Minibeasts, moving on to Easter as we get towards the end of term.


It is a really busy, hardworking term, with a lot to fit in a short time so we will be sending homework on a regular basis that we hope you will help your child with. Any queries do come and see one of us.

Children will have weekly spellings (each Wednesday) and also homework relating to our topic, in a “Learning Log” form, (every Thursday) plus the usual expectation that they will read every night as always – sometimes one of our books, sometimes a book of their choice. We expect all children to read for 10-20 minutes a day. Keep it fun and relaxed and don’t forget a little help is allowed!

Please fill in the reading record book when you hear your child read – a long comment is not necessary but it helps us to know what your child has done at home and, where relevant, what page they are on. We encourage parents to come into the classroom in the morning to help their child change their reading books when necessary.

We will be doing guided reading groups in school and each group will bring their book home after their session to be returned for the same day the following week. We will, of course, inform you which day that will be for your child.


The timetable is changing slightly. A new copy is on the door or in the classroom. PE will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays when kit MUST be in school although, of course, it should be in all week as we do sometimes have extra sessions. BE PREPARED: swimming starts after Easter when your child will need a suitable costume and a swimming hat, more information to follow later.

Naming Clothes

Please make sure all clothes are named as otherwise it is very hard to reunite items with the correct owners!

Water Bottles

All children need a water bottle and these should be filled with water, rather than juice – both for ensuring healthy teeth and also for the very practical reason that water isn’t so sticky when spilt!!


Children have been bringing in some very special things and then have got very upset if these are lost, broken or “borrowed” by others. Ideally, children do not need to bring any toy in. However, if one is needed, please make sure it will fit in their drawer and isn’t their most precious belonging!

It is a team effort educating your child. We will do our best to keep you informed but it is always helpful if you could also let us know of any problems, worries or information that would help us to help your child learn. We are always available at the start and end of the day for a quick chat, but obviously we are also supervising the children at these points, so if you need a longer or private chat with us then do make an appointment.

With many thanks for your help and support,

Sarah Bocking and Karen Tidd.