Vision and Values in Action

Our vision and values drive everything we do.

In line with our vision “many people, one body; many gifts, working together”, we recognise, value and use individual skills, working together to achieve maximum benefit for all.

At the St Mary Federation, our broad and balanced curriculum is underpinned with the aim of developing leadership via nurturing and growing Courage, Curiosity, Confidence, Collaboration and Compassion.

We learnt about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. We thought about repentance and being forgiven. We wrote something we had done wrong and were sorry for on tissue and then saw it being washed away so we could start again.

"Dear God, thank you that you forgive us and don't stay cross, just like our mums" Amen

Look at how it was washed away and made clean

We went on a thinking walk. "I picked this because the lovely colours remember God's love"

This looks a bit like a love heart

"Dear God, thank you for love, Amen"

The horizon, finding something new

Going for goals

We try to be the best we can be, the person God created us to be

This is like the table for the Last Supper

"Thank you God that Jesus was brave and saved everyone"

What a wonderful world.

"Thank you God for creating our world. Please help look after it. Amen"

We are in Lent now.

February 2021

Curiosity is all about wanting to learn, asking questions and finding out. We were exploring what different cars came past in our maths statistics lesson

Here we are doing an experiment to find out about plants growing - we were very curious and asked lots of questions

Being curious about our locality

We were very curious about the ice

Curious about the snowy, icy tray

Curious about melting ice

All our little people were different, just like us, but they were all lovely, just like us

January 2021

Thrift class have been talking a lot about our vision and values this term

These are some of our thoughts - this was from one of our Collective Worship stories

Mya used her gifts to help everyone work together when they fell out at playtime

We thought of this when it snowed

Keegan is always kind and helpful which helps our class

We have learnt about the creation which made us think how we should be

We learnt about Martin Luther King in Collective Worship

Our Mums use their gifts to help us

This book was called "one" it is all about standing up for what is right and using our gifts to help everyone get one and work together