The Great
St. Mary Federation
World Book Day Challenge

Bring the news to life. Deliver a news report on a topic of your choice. Share it with the world!

Make a 'Where's Wally' style picture. Can your family find your character?

Design and colour a wonderful new book cover!

World Book Day Potato Challenge.pptx

World Book Day Potato Challenge: Use a potato and be as creative as you like to turn it into a book character of your choice!

Play story consequences: Write a title, then fold the paper and pass it on. Introduce your character, fold the paper and pass it on. Repeat for the setting, problem and resolution. Open the paper and read your amazing and unexpected story!

Turn your favourite story into a comic!

Create a mini book quiz and email it to a friend.

Create a Den to read your book - Can you add some lights or even read with a torch?

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly ...

Create a special nursery rhyme performance!

Story mash up! What would happen if Goldilocks broke into the Big Bad Wolf's house? What if Peter Pan went to Hogwarts and met Harry Potter? Write a story of your own that mixes favourite characters from different stories.

Create a model of the setting of a story or a scene from a story using clean items from the recycling bin. Perhaps you could recreate Hogwarts castle, or make a model of the cottage the three bears from Goldilocks lived in.

Get crafty! Can you make a mask to dress up as your favourite character? You could be superhero Nat Fantastic, or the Cat in the Hat.

Recreate a scene from your favorite book using your teddies & toys.

Read a book in an usual place and email your class a photo. Make sure you are safe: dangerous reading isn't cool!

Cook and read! Design a sandwich for your favorite character. Help to make it for your lunch.

Try an activity based on a book - like baking the gingerbread man. You could retell the story while you are doing it

Take a selfie as a favourite book character. Surprise your friends with a photo!

Grow the giant's beanstalk. Imagine a story for your beanstalk…

Make lollipop stick puppets of the main characters in your book. Act out scenes or make your own thrilling adventure.

Grab your favourite book and read ten pages before teatime!

Record a bedtime story for your teddy, and share it with your class.

Put on a show: perform a scene from your favourite book. Mr Gumpy's boat tipped!

Alternate ending. Choose a story and think of a different ending. Rewrite a new final chapter for that story. For instance, what if Goldilocks moved in with the Three Bears?

Zoom! Share your reading with a loved one. Read a story or a poem

Make a potion like George's marvellous medicine, after checking with a grown up what you can use. Describe your potion using your best adjectives. Tell us what your potion does!

Make shadow puppets and tell the story - or send us pictures to guess the characters

WANTED! Create a wanted poster for the villain from your favourite story.

Shoebox rooms. Use paper and card to create a room for a character. Peter Rabbit would like wallpaper covered with carrots; the BFG needs lots of shelves for his jars of dreams. Erin from The Secret of Black Rock would like curtains with pictures of different types of marine life.

Create a 3D version of a book cover using Lego.

Make some puppets of characters from different stories. Imagine what would happen if these characters met

Play "Guess who" with book characters.

Create some bookmarks as you Draw With Rob. He's been the official World Book Day Artist.

Get caught reading. Where is the strangest place you read? Get someone to take a photo.

Scavenger hunt. Click Here to Download

Choose a book and see what maths you can find in it - page numbers, sums (e.g. 2 friends and 1 more makes 3), or patterns in pictures, sequencing, measuring, representing information as a tally chart, bar graph or pictogram…