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This week we have been exploring Italy, we have looked at the shape of Italy on a map.

After writing a shopping list for our pizzas, some of the children continued to write shopping lists during their independent learning time.

We made some dough for pizza making.

We carried out an experiment to see what would happen if we add yeast to one of our doughs.....

We started with the base of our pizza adding tomato sauce and cheese....

We selected the topping we would like, remembering what we had written on our shopping lists.

In math's we have been exploring half and halving so we only made half of a pizza each.

Look at our yummy pizzas....

Finally, the taste test......

Welcome to the last term of the year. This week we have been exploring France...

We started the day with Bonjour

Some of the children decided to make Eiffel Towers during their independent learning time.

Excellent close attention to detail for the shape of the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

The children used a range of junk modelling to create their own Eiffel Towers.

Some children decided to use very small pieces of straws to create representations of the Eiffel Tower.

We made our own croissants.

After rolling the pastry we brushed it with milk before popping them in the over.

Look at our amazing croissants.

Finally the test test!

The children went on a school trip to Hunstanton Beach, where they were able to use natural materials to continue creating art work inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

The children collected stones, pebbles, seaweed and shells when creating their art work.

The children were set a challenge, who could stack the most stones on top of each other?

The children enjoyed creating people in the sand.

When we returned to school some of the boys decided to make a Wash Monster like the one they saw at the beach.

This week the children have been creating art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy........

The children collected natural materials from the Field of Dreams.

They created a piece of art inside a hoop.

The children continued to make patterns inside hoops during their independent learning time.

The children worked well with a partner to create their art work.

In maths the children made a large bus outside to explore addition.

The children have been learning to record a number sentence.

The children have been using 10 frames to find the answers to addition questions.

This week the children have been looking at work created by Kandinsky. Let's see what the children have created......

The children have been created circles on paper plates inspired by Kandinsky.

Lovely concentration while creating paper plate art.

The children used lots of different sized circles to re create Kandinsky's circle art work.

The children enjoyed making large scale bubbles using different sized hoops.

The children have been learning about primary and secondary colours.

The children created a colour wheel to show what happens when two primary colours are mixed together.

We have been exploring doubles.

We have been exploring how to build and rotate shapes.

Jackson Pollock

This week the children have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock, they have been using string, straws and syringes to create artwork inspired by the artist.

This week the children have been using numicon to represent teen numbers.

They have been able to talk about the patterns they can see.

The have then extended their own learning by exploring larger numbers and how they can use the numicon to represent these.

It is lovely to see the skills that are being taught during discrete math sessions are being applied during the children's independent learning time.

Summer 1

This half term the children will be exploring a range of famous Artists. We will be sharing the children's art which will be inspired by a different artist every week.

This week we were able to visit Snettisham Park Farm.

We were able to bottle feed the lambs.

We collected the eggs from the chickens.

We then placed the eggs onto a machine which sorted them by size, small, medium and large. They are now ready to sell in the farm shop.

We were able to feed the goats.

We went on the Deer Safari and feed the deer.

More feeding of the goats.

We were able to feed the lambs twice during our trip as the farm was very quiet.

This week we have been building on our previous experience of clay to create models of our pets.

We have been learning ways to join different pieces of clay together.

We have been creating different layers, textures and patterns.

Can you guess which pet it is?

The children have been learning to adapt their work so their pets were able to stand up!

Mud Kitchen Menu- Applying their phonic knowledge during independent learning time.

Snakes and Ladders- applying their phonic knowledge while playing games.

Learning to use tally marks to record a score while playing a throwing game.

Going beyond 10!

This week the children have been looking at homes for animals, while on the Field of Dreams the children built homes for their animals from the natural resources available.

Using natural materials to build homes and shelters for our animals.

What animals would live here? The children were keen to explore possible homes on the Field of Dreams.

We have been exploring 2D shapes. We played a game, where we had to listen to our partner to select the correct shape and place it into the correct position to create a picture of an animal.

A cat house, using 2D magnetic shapes.

Pancake Day

The children enjoyed making pancakes at school, they were able to follow the instructions to measure and mix the ingredients together. The children enjoyed sharing their pancakes at snack time.

The children follow the instructions to make their pancakes. We cracked, poured and mixed to create our batter.

We have been working with a partner to find different ways of making 10 by using two numbers.

We have been trying hard to stay inside our new track on the playground while using the scooters.

This week we have been exploring the story.......

We have been using the story sack during our independent learning time.

The children have been selecting colours for a purpose while painting the animals they would like the zoo to send to them.

This week the children have been learning how to use real tools safely, while making cages for the animals.

The children are learning to applying their phonic knowledge during their independent learning time.

The children enjoyed taking on a variety of roles when Little City came to visit. ....

The children used the shop list at the supermarket.

Dr Alexa checking the babies are all fit and healthy.

999 Quick what's the emergency?

Hector busy taking orders at the cafe.

The children have been celebrating Chinese New Year

The children were busy making Chinese dragons in the creative room.

An invitation to play- the children have been exploring noodles, spices and chopsticks during their independent learning time.

The children were all keen to try chicken and curry flavored noodles during snack time. They all tried hard to eat their snack with chopsticks.

Mmmm what can you smell? We made some delicious spring rolls..

We are learning to use tools and equipment safely, while we chopped and grated our ingredients.

Look at our delicious spring rolls.

The children were keen to use the chopsticks again while we tried our delicious spring rolls.

Tricky word detectives....

In RE the children have been learning about Passover

In PE the children have been learning how to use the larger apparatus safely.

Look at us jump, with two feet together....

We are now jumping between the hoops with our feet together.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week the children have been creative on a large scale as we turned the climbing frame into a beanstalk and a castle.

We have been learning how to describe the main characters of a story.

Invitation to Play- the children have enjoyed the new castle. We have been learning about the drawbridge/moat/arrow loops/tower/bailey and portcullis.

In phonics we are learning to listen carefully for the medial sounds in CVC words.

We have been on a tricky word hunt around the outdoor environment.

STEM Challenge: Who can make the tallest tower/building using marshmallows and spaghetti?

This half term the children will be learning all about Buildings.....

The children have been painting on tinfoil and clingfilm as they 'look through the window'

The children have been exploring the small bricks and wet sand to make different types of homes.

Olly, "The wet sand is like cement."

The children keep returning to the lego table this week to adapt their creations of different types of homes.

Zack, "I live in a terrace house."

The children built a large scale marble run outside, they worked well together to connect the guttering so the balls would not drop off until the end.

Buried Treasure

The children are using their phonic knowledge to read simple CVC words, they are deciding if they are real or nonsense words.

This week the children have been learning about Remembrance Sunday

We shared the story,

Where the Poppies Now Grow

We used corks to create poppies

In maths we have been learning all about the number 3. We have been comparing the number 3 to other numbers using 10 frames.

All the children created a Field of Poppies painting.

We have been playing games together during our Forest School session.

We are learning how to use new tools safety while making stick people.

This week we enjoyed jam on toast from the camp fire.

The children have been learning to use natural resources to create art work.

This week the children have been learning about the Festival of Light Diwali. The children enjoyed exploring colours in our dark tent. They realised if they used 2 colour paddles a new colour could be made.

The children have also been learning about why November 5th is an important day in history. We have been creating our own fireworks outside using paint and syringes.

The children created Rangloi patterns using coloured sand.

The children created fireworks using pipe cleaners.

We have been exploring repeating patterns during our maths sessions,

Great independent learning after a maths sessions on repeating patterns.

The children have been busy making pumpkins by threading wool through wood, during our Forest School session.

Toasted marshmallows on the camp fire to warm us up on a very cold and wet afternoon.

Mrs Lavender shared the story, Pumpkin soup. We then tried to make some pumpkin soup on the camp fire.

We are learning to take risks while exploring the rope swing.

This week we enjoyed our first school trip. We went to Farmer Fred's to make pizzas for our lunch and then we enjoyed all the play equipment. The children really enjoyed the challenges the play equipment offered.

Lots of balancing opportunities were on offer.

Yummy pizza making

Many children were able to brave the big yellow slide with support of The Curlews Team.

How high did you climb?

We have enjoyed some lovely Autumn activities.

The children went on a nature scavenger hunt to make clay pumpkin decorations.

We continue to develop our 1:1 counting, this week we used pumpkin seeds.

After hammering golf tees into our pumpkins, the children stretched elastic bands over them to make different shapes. What shapes can you spot?

We would like to open our wood work area soon, so the children are learning to use tools safely in preparation.

Super co operation and sharing of key resources.

Apple smashing is another great way to learn how to use tools safely.

The children also need to show they have awareness of people around them when handling tools.

This week we have been learning how to look after our teeth

We carried out a science experiment to find out the effects sugar can have on our teeth. We placed an egg into some water, milk, cola and apple juice.

We left the eggs for 48 hours, look what happened... which egg do you think we placed into apple juice?

We have been talking about WHEN and HOW we should brush our teeth. Olly said, 'Don't forget your molars.'

In maths we have been looking at the same/more and less when comparing quantities.

This week the children have enjoyed sharing the story, SUPERTATO.

The children noticed Evil Pea had captured our veggies.

Can we save the carrots from Evil Pea?

We made our own Supertato to save the veggies in our environment.

Evil Pea

Healthy Eating, the children have been learning about what makes a healthy lunchbox. The children enjoyed making fruit kebabs.

Evil Pea was found in our mud kitchen. The children enjoyed mashing up Evil Pea!

In math's we have been exploring the same and different. The children found items of clothing which were the same in the outdoor environment.

Evil Pea took all of our wellies!! The children went hunting for the wellies which were the same.

This week we have been learning all about our senses. I can see it, I can hear it, I can smell it, I can taste it, I can touch it........

We have been exploring lots of messy play and learning to describe how things feel.

We have been finger painting with textured paints-what did we add to the paint?

We have been enjoying lots of different play doh including salted caramel, porridge and plain which the children added herbs too.

We went on a listening walk around the school and on the field of dreams.

The children used their sense of smell to guess what was in each pot.

"I can hear an aeroplane, but I can't see it"

The children have been enjoying our new writing wall, they have been mark making with coloured chalk pens.

The children have been very busy exploring their new learning environment .........

Fabulous collaboration to build a house using a variety of bricks and boulders.

Super counting to match the number of spots on the dominoes- Ava was able to join the dominoes together!

We have been exploring our bodies, we decided to draw around our friends using large paper.

The children have been very busy exploring their faces.............

The children have been making funny faces using play doh.

The children have been talking about the colours they need to use when painting a portrait of themselves.

The children have been looking closely at the features they need to add when painting a portrait.

Please send back your annual permission forms ASAP We are longing to pop some pictures on here but are unable to until we have permission slips returned with photo consent.

WELCOME TO CURLEWS - We can't wait to get to know our new faces and welcome back our older children.

Lavender Forest came to visit the Curlews, what an amazing afternoon......

The children enjoyed exploring the rope swing.

The children were learning how to make dens using real tools.

The children were learning how to light a fire. We then cooked some damper bread over the campfire.

Lovely potion making.

Independent Learning, the girls created a painting challenge.....

One person creates a picture...

They then give instructions to the second person......

Have both children been able to create the same picture?

Parent Flyer.pdf

Summer Reading Challenge

Get involved at your local library and share a love of books. A great way to encourage your child to continue their learning journey over the summer holidays!

This week we have been exploring The Rainbow Fish

The children have been learning to cut around a fish shape from clay. They then added sequins to make the fishes scales.

The children have been learning how to paint by blowing bubbles. These created a great effect for our under the sea pictures.

The children have been learning about odd and even numbers. They were able to sort the shopping into odd and even bags.

The Owl Cave- the children are using the resources available to them to support their role play.

It's raining, it's pouring, but learning and exploring never stops...........

The children were so excited when we added the hose pipe to the slide. It's a water slide!

The children positioned the slide by the large puddle so they could slide into the puddle.

Lots of happy and giggling children, who took water play to the next level.

The children have been busy at the woodwork area, building their own trains. They have been applying the safety measures independently.

They then needed to select a colour for a purpose when painting the trains they have made.

In PE we have been learning to mirror our partners movements

In ICT we have been learning how to code on the ipads using the code-a-pillar programme.

The children decided to make a train out of hula hoops, what a great idea!

The children worked together to make large scale trains to support their role play.

The children enjoyed using the trains during their outdoor learning.

The children worked together to make a train station.

We have been learning all about time, let's see what fun we got upto.....

We have been busy making our own obstacle courses.

We have been learning how to use stopwatches to time ourselves on our obstacle courses.

We have been challenging ourselves to beat our times.

We have been learning to read o'clock times.

We are growing ... Have you seen or heard about our planting in school.

Why not have a try and growing some veggies this summer? Some simple ideas to get you started and great to involve the children.

Your child will be more likely to try new foods if they involved with growing them.

Lots of great ideas to get you started

Trains trains and more trains ...

This half term we are finding out about Trains. We have read the book The Train Ride and enjoyed the rhythm of the text. Have you been on a train ride?


This week we have been using the book Superworm to support our learning. Let's see what we have been up to.......

The children have been busy making Wizard Lizard's wand using pipe cleaners.

We have been on a Superworm hunt.

We have been busy making our own Superworms using tights and cotton wool.

We have been learning to manipulate clay to create our very own Superworms, caterpillars and snails.

Science Week

It has been wonderful to welcome back all of the Curlews this week. We have had some great fun exploring Science Week, let's see what we have been investigating.........

Can you regrow vegetables?

What happens when flowers are placed in coloured water?

Dinosaur Rescue-how can you make a dinosaur rise to the top in a bucket of water?

World Book Day Challenge...

We set the Curlews a challenge to create a picture to represent their favourite book, we will then try to guess each others books. Can you guess any of the books the children have chosen to draw?

Which book does Leah like to read?

Which book does Lily like to read?

Which book does Lola like to read?

Which book does Lenny like to read?

This week the children have been exploring length, lets see what they have been up to......

We have been using everyday objects to measure our caterpillars.

We have been using our feet to measure different objects around the home. Can you guess which Curlew this is?

I wonder how many 'feet' long she is!

We have been using play doh to create some worms. We have then been ordering these by length, from the shortest to the ................

Let's Get Growing......

We have posed the question, What do plants need to grow?

Both at home and in school the children are testing out what cress seeds need to grow, they have placed the seeds in different conditions to see which ones work best. In school we have also planted some herbs for our mud kitchen and some carrots. We have some special growing boxes so we can see what is happening in the soil. Let's keeping watching and see what happens............

Our cress experiment, what do they need to grow?

I wonder how this cress was grown.

We have been busy writing labels for our herb pots, so we remember what we are growing.

March 8th re-opening of Curlews class to all pupils

Information is being put together over the next few weeks to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom. Our school day will be much the same and again we urge you to be vigilant at all times, keep us safe by protecting yourselves and your family. If you have any immediate concerns we can be contacted via Tapestry or using the class teachers email


Welcome Back - The school is open for key workers and vulnerable groups. We are awaiting the Prime Ministers announcement this evening but our fingers and toes are crossed for a safe reopening on the 8th March. We can be contacted via Tapestry or using the class teachers email

Do you want to build a snowman...



Great maths using the ten frame.

Roll up roll up, what would you buy from this shop?

Well Hello Mr Crocodile!

Snip Snap Mr Crocodile is looking at you!

This weeks learning again has blown us away! You are all being so creative and finding some great ways to learn. We do miss our busy noisy class though!

Look at all that money! Can you recognise the coins? Great maths work.

I think we all need to visit that shop.


Yummy! That would go nicely with a cup of tea.


Monday 1st February 2020 - Not sure where January went but from all the fabulous work we are seeing you have been super busy! Learning packs are in school today ready for collection.

Penguin from junk modelling materials

Exploring capacity

Ice Lantern

Yummy biscuits

Steve the Turtle

Toasting Marshmallows!

Wow! Look at all our amazing home learning! It comes in all shapes and sizes but just shows how busy everyone is being. We are loving seeing all the amazing things you are working on so keep the pictures coming! We have even started a display in the classroom to share all the fabulous work.

ZOOM - We Zoomed and it was great!

How lovely to see you all! We have posted a link to next Mondays Zoom through Tapestry and look forward to seeing you all again. We may even pop you all up on the board for the key worker group in school to join in! See you all Monday

Non-screen activities - from Pobble.pdf

We are keen to promote non screen activities especially in the early years where we know that young children benefit from from active learning. The Pobble website

100 non-screen activities for kids! (

has lots of ideas. Have a look and try something new!


Well here goes! We thought it would be nice for the children working from home to see their friends. Young children especially at this time find the lack of social contact difficult so a quick zoom to say hello and share a favorite toy. We may have a few technical blibs but we will try our best! You will find a link to the Zoom call within your Tapestry account.

Home Learning Continued ...

We have been overwhelmed at the work that you are all getting up to at home and so pleased that Tapestry is working as a great link between home and school. All the Curlews staff are mums and we are all juggling things as best as we can so it is very important to us that you feel as supported as possible. We are all part of a team supporting your child through this very strange learning journey! Keep going we thin you are amazing!

Home Learning Packs have all been delivered to your home address. For the rest of the week please use these and follow any updates on tapestry.

NEXT WEEKS LEARNING - Each week you will receive a 'menu' of activities. We realise that you will be juggling lots at home and will try to make the activities where possible link to day to day objects and your familiar environment. If there is anything that we can do to help you then please contact us via Tapestry or use the It is vital that you upload some evidence to tapestry of your home learning. Unlike the previous lock down we are now having to evidence home learning and will support you to achieve this.

School Closure

After last nights government announcement Docking School is now closed. We will be providing spaces for key worker children and vulnerable children and will be in touch today with updates.


CLOSED Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th January 2021

Please see the main school website for the letter to parents sent out today 3.1.21 regarding the delayed start to the school term. The Curlews Team are working very hard behind the scenes and will aim to get a learning pack to you tomorrow. Please follow Tapestry for further updates.