Welcome to Samphire Class

Year 6 have been using Base 10 equipment to help with Long Multiplication.

In Science we have been looking at the hardness of different rocks. We did this by scratching them against each other and seeing if they left a mark. We then ordered them hardest to softest.

As you can see - we have been sewing in class. We are creating bags for our new headphones.

We've already created Christmas Cards....and It's only October!

Welcome Back


Welcome back to school. I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

We will send further information as we start school, but there is some basic information below.

Please be sure that we are all working hard in school to be as safe as we possibly can.

To help,a avoid any cross-contamination, children need to bring as little as possible equipment from home. All they will need is a coat, PE bags (which could stay in school all week) and any reading books. Children having a packed lunch need that too. Please do not bring and stationery or pencil,cases into school. We will provide everything needed for learning.

Any reading books borrowed from school will be kept separate for 72 hours before being available again.

There are a lot of changes. Many people find change hard, and we know this. It’s fine to be upset. However, myself and all the other staff are here to help and support you. I hope you will all help and support me too!

As we enter the classroom we will wash our hands, and every time we leave the classroom we will use hand sanitiser. There is no need to bring sanitiser into school as we have plenty, and it will reduce any chance of cross contamination.

The most obvious change is the layout of the classroom. We have followed all the guidance and set the classroom up in rows (see the photo).

Another change is your teacher - me! I’m looking forward to joining Brancaster school and bring 28 years of experience with me.