Welcome to Samphire Class




We have been watching these caterpillars turn into a chrysalis. They have been like this for over a week now. The first picture was on Tuesday of half term. The second is on Wednesday/. Notice the changes - lots of spots have become stripes.


31st May


1st June

Homework Models

Samphire Class were set the challenge of making a model of a river system. They did spectacularly well. I hope you are proud of what you have achieved.

(I now have to think what challenge to set for next half term...watch this space!)

Wild Ken Hill Forest School

Testing Egg-mobiles made for Easter homework

Thanks to everyone who came in to support the children. It was good to see so many adults there.

Experimenting with prototypes for bridges.

A Visit from Al Sylvester: Antarctica Explorer

Decorating Eggs to raise money for Red Nose Day.

Years 5 & 6 testing parachutes in science


Our first music with Mr Taylor from Norfolk Music Hub. He will be coming in every Monday to teach us music including Samba Drumming

This Year's Sports Day Champions.

Well done to the Green Team. Well done too, to everyone else for being so supportive of everyone.

Testing different materials for thermal insulation

Craig from the Ministry of Chocolate helped us become Level 10 Chocolatologists!


In our Science lessons we have been looking at the Human circulation system. This week we looked at the heart and had the chance to dissect a lam's heart which is very similar in structure and size to a human heart.

Thank you to Billy for taking all the photographs.

Coming back to school.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back to school on Monday 8th March.

It might be that some of you are a bit worried about returning. That is fine. We are all allowed to be worried. It's normal when things change. Some of you will be excited or looking forward to returning - that is fine too.

You can talk to any of the adults in school, if you need to.

Children should be coming to school in PE kit as there will be lessons in the afternoon which will now be run by a coach from Kings Lynn Community Football club,

To start off the day we will be beginning a music project based on the true story of the man in the picture, who is called Ibn Al-Haytham. He was a scientist who lived about 1000 years ago.

There is no need to bring anything into school apart from packed lunches. Please leave pencil cases, sanitisers and other bags at home. Anything we need in class will be provided.

There is no requirement for children to wear masks in school. If children choose to wear them, they must follow the guidance in the letter recently sent out by Mr King.

Hand washing: Children will sanitise or wash hands every time they come into the classroom as well as before and after eating.

In Years 5 and 6, CHildren have been looking at Wizards.

Harry's Writing Work

This included making some potions. They look great!

Marking and Feedback: How to view and react to comments:

Comments information.pdf

Suggested Daily Timetable.

Government guidelines are suggesting at least 4 hours a day of learning for Key Stage 2. This timetable is just a suggestion, as we understand teaching and learning at home is very different than at school.

9:00. TTRockstars and Spelling shed - possibly including weekly live “Hive” game.

9:30. Comprehension activities

10:00. Writing Activities

10:45. Break

11:00. Maths

12:00. Lunch

1.00 Mathshed activities based on today’s lesson

1:30. Wider curriculum

2:30. Reading for pleasure.

2:50. Check answers and correct

3:15. Sign off.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM for Years 5 & 6.

From next Monday there will be separate Google Classrooms for Year 5 and Year 6. They will be organised by DAY rather than subject, so hopefully things will be easier to find.

To get the most from Google Classroom make sure you log into your school email first (go to gmail.com) then click on the nine dots near the top right hand corner, where you will see the Classroom App.

There have been a few queries about the labels that some providers attach to year groups e.g. the current science topic. As we have mixed age classes, we run a rolling program to ensure that children cover all the required subject knowledge, so they may study some subjects in a different order. Please be assured that children are set work at an appropriate level.


Hello everyone,

We hope you all had a great Christmas, and that Santa brought everything you may have wanted.

As you will know, the school is currently closed. Hopefully, we will re-open soon.

Work will be set each day on Google Classroom. If we continue to remain closed, we will provide Work packs to be collected.

As much as possible we will try and follow the Class Timetable. This means that each morning work will be scheduled to appear as follows.

9:00 - Reading/Comprehension Activities

9:45 - Grammar or Writing Activities

10:45 - Maths Activities

During the afternoon various activities will be posted relating to what we have done in school or what we are about to do...keep an eye out!

Best wishes

Mr Johnson, Mrs Willis and Mrs Richardson.